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Św monastery. Katarzynas N.p.m m raised at height 1570., belongs to Orthodox Greeks.  The local prior is wearing the dignity of the Synaju archbishop - from December 1973 archbishop Władyka Damian (most often stays in Cairo or Raifie in Lebanon. Autonomous Orthodox church of the Saint Mount Sinai who is included in a Jerusalem patriarchy. The superior of the Orthodox church is a superior of the Orthodox monastery at the same time. Monastery known as the place, where God started to speak to Mojżesz It is the oldest Christian monastery in Egypt.  In this place an empress built the first chapel Helena, the mother of Great Constantine. The rest of monastic buildings arose in the VI n.e century. to the order of the Justyniana emperor and. Saint Katarzyna is a Patron of the monastery from the Alexandria. At the monastery a rich harvest of early Christian illustrated manuscripts is being stored in different languages and of icons.
Wells of Mojżesz
Bush being afire
Dusts of monks

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