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One of sailing ships to German kapielisk. So we are swimming away and the pier in Międzyzdroje is becoming more and more small. And it is an edge of Świnoujście.  It is possible rozróżnic the lighthouse and port lifts. ... and of lifeboats.  Of the ones fortunately it wasn't necessary to use. We are reaching Bansin.
Officially bathing activity in Bansin was initiated a little bit later than in Heringsdorfie or Świnoujście, that is in 1897. On the way to Heringsdorfu we are passing the nicely put hotel. Heringsdorf - known and liked Baltic bathing beach. Casino of the game.
The local beach has the length 3.5 km similarly to a seaside promenade, one from prettiest on the German edge of the Baltic. Near the promenade historic villae are situated...
... as well as modern hotel centres. Also old, wooden villae are a frequent view.
We are in Ahlbeck.  Bathing activity was commenced in 1852, later 'royal Ahlbeck" and nearby fishing settlement connected sie into one village. A seaside promenade with time stretched all the way to Bansin. and before the end of the II world war, to Świnoujście. A few examples of Ahlbeck architecture.
Such an oldtimer is an original advertisement and a visiting card of the hotel.
For a lot of years it was here only on an island I will recognize the kept pier.  Built in years 1894 - 95, destroyed by the pressure of masses of ice, was rebuilt in years 1984 - 86. View on the pier in Heringsdorfie. The walk is ending, time to come back. Juz widac well Gosań and cliffs, in a minute we will be then again in Międzyzdroje.

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wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 21.09.2008 21:39

przepiękne są te stylowe pensjonaty w Ahlbeck'u a zegar i molo to tak charakterystyczna wizytówka tego miasteczka jak dla Paryża wieża Eiffla a dla Warszawy PKiN.
dla mnie Ahlbeck ( a, że to było 18 lat temu!!!) zawsze będzie kojarzył się z widokiem po raz pierwszy kobiet toples "live" ;))))) pozdr.

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 21.09.2008 16:56

Super jest taki oldtimer.Pozdrawiam

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