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Touring the city takes place mainly with the expensive aqueous Amstel river and channels. looking at Montelbaanstoren from the side of the channel. Chinese restaurant. One among many of beautiful sailing ships. In the Square of Ladies, in the XV depths eternal New Church. Royal palace from the XVII age built originally as the town hall.  So that he comes into existence on the quicksand over 13 thousand wooden stilts were stuck.
The palace is standing in the Square of Ladies in very centre of the old town who for 4 centuries observed the urban planning arrangement.
Plaza magnums are a real centre of the shopping.
Inside Plaza Magnums are being found plenty of expensive, elegant shops. Beautiful Blauwbrug bridge. Bridge deluded while opening. Channels, barges, bridges and the bicycle inherent elements of the Amsterdam landscape. One of few churches.
The Centraal Station main station

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