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I love Olsztyn, my small America 
I love Olsztyn, my America
I love the Łynę, the lock, I love the park and the Old City
Town hall lighted with the night with clocks
And Grünwald I love and Jan's Bridge, the straight line, Kołłątaja, of Żiżka, I love houses
Trees, the sky and above Uneven stop
And rain in the city centre and hum along streets of cars and bath in the wild cat
Walks all over forest, I love the sun and I love the music
In the courtyard under the utter lie with Kopernik music
I love Olsztyn, my small America
I love Olsztyn, my America.                       Fragment of the song of the team Red Tulip The put old town is Olsztyn in the oxbow Łyny and of street Financial from the east and Nowowiejski from the north. ŚW CATHEDRAL.  OF JAKUB
Church built in the second-half of the XIV age.
Tower of the church, in part wooden, they replaced new, built by years. She was finished in 1596. She was supported, like the entire church in the Gothic style. A m of the height has 63. Making perpendicular vaults and finishing the tower pressed themselves for the XVI century. The history of the temple is a miniature illustration of the history of the city. In 1807, during Napoleonic wars, Frenchmen closed one and a half thousand of Russian prisoners of war in it, but for you, defending themselves against severe frost, burnt everything here what a fire could digest. Yet at the church some movable monuments behaved from the period of the Gothic style (m. in. wall tabernacle with Gothic grating, perpendicular triptych), of the Renaissance (m. in. the painting decoration of the wall tabernacle, the św triptych. of Cross, candlesticks) and of the baroque (sculptures of św apostles. of Andrzej and św. Older Jakub, the crucifix of the more_than_natural size, the image of the Rosary Mother of God, the baptismal font and the in.). An altar is most important work in the right nave. The triptych after the lock is showing the scene of heralding.
The main and side pipe organ comes from the workshop organmistrzowskiego of the company Terlecki from Kaliningrad.
In years 1898 - 1900 was an organist here Feliks Nowowiejski, the „ composer of ” Rota and  Legends of the Baltic .
From 1945 r. parish św church. started acting as Jakub of church prokatedralnego. 1973 r. became the co-cathedral, i.e. the episcopal cathedral equally with the basilica fromborską.
In the year 2003 was raised by the Holy Father of Jan of II Paweł to the name of Smaller Basilica.
Traditionally for a dozen or so years the July and the August here Olsztyn Organ Concerts take place. curtain walls reconstruction edges of the old town edges of the old town
edges of the old town edges of the old town edges of the old town edges of the old town edges of the old town Straight street
Street Kołłątaja Św bridge. of Jan of Nepomucen on Łynie (św known also as the Bridge. Jan and Jan's Bridge, dawn. nonm.  Johannesbrücke - św Bridge. of Jan) is an oldest and most famous bridge in Olsztyn. He is in the southern part of Old Miesta, in the historical district Street Kołłątaja
Podwale street Trench street Trench street On the left for the side of the castle an amphitheatre, built in the present shape as the gift of Warsaw for Olsztyn is situated (1978 r.).  Here numerous parties of the Olsztyn Artistic Summer, concerts, festivals of folk bands, blues nights and an in take place. unfortunately the one is already new for our money.
The Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession In the jubilee year from chance 650. of anniversary of founding the city, at the Castle street Mikołaj Kopernik sat down on the bench, looking at the lock.  &Bdquo; sculpture Bench with ” Kopernik and is reminding of the great astronomer. Castle street Of washboards Fish Fish market Fish market
By the Fish Market developed with modern tenements a House is standing A high Gate is a colloquial name of the kept Gothic Tower of the Upper Gate from the XIV century, being based on the old town.  It is the popular pride of the city. The Upper gate is one of few kept elements of urban fortifications. Outside it only little fragments of the sequence of walls survived.
In the mid-19th century she was changed to the prison in whom the m was kept. in. Wojciech Kętrzyński - the historian, the columnist and the ethnographer fighting over the Polish national identity of this soil. At present here a tourist hostel is being housed. Fish market Fish market Admiring architecture of the old town, going in direction of the Castle Rd it is worthwhile stopping by the Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession.  A shape of the neo-Gothic church of the orderly was granted the building, under whom the cornerstone was put in 1876, around three emporami and with tower for heights 40 of the m.
Marketplace The old raised town hall was 1623 left in the Baroque style in years - partly by 1624 on foundations of the medieval town hall who blushed in 1620 of r.  Rebuilt in years 1766 - 1770 and renovated several times in the 19th century, fully renovated in 2004 Marketplace Marketplace Old town hall
Old town hall Marketplace
Marketplace Street Kołłątaja

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zielonadesign użytkownik zielonadesign(posts:91) dodano 15.09.2008 12:33

bardzo ładny spacer, informacji w sam raz, pozdrawiam

kwiatuszek użytkownik kwiatuszek(posts:130) dodano 11.09.2008 10:16

Bardzo ładne miasto i piękna galeria :-)

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 10.09.2008 22:37

Śliczne i ciekawe miasto, Poza tym pasjami mogę słuchać wszystkich płyt Cz. Tulipana. Pozdrawiam :)

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 10.09.2008 19:49

jedrek - zaserwowałeś nam nawet ciekawy spacer po "swoim" Olsztynie.
Ja jednak przyczepię sie jak zwykle do komentarza.
Można przecież spacerowac i opowiadać,np. jaklieś ciekawostki czy fakty./nazwa ulicy czy "obrzeża Starego Miasta" to to trochę mało/
Kilka wkleiłeś,ale tak jakoś sie nie zmieściły /14,31/

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