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The Guell park owes its charm and the fame, like entire Barcelona, Catalan architect for Antoni Gaudi.  He with the help of innumerable fragments of china created unique buildings among whom the m ranks. in. houses by the main gate and surrounded probably terrace most popular in Europe waved and stretching out by undergrounds with bench
Najniezwyklejszy church in world, he is enrapturing with the architecture rich in the symbolism, he is filling with indignation with fanciful forms, simply secular shapes. Every of eight spires - on twelve planned - is measuring with the over 100 m.  Every of them is symbolizing one of the twelve disciples. Sagrada the Family, the cathedral in Barcelona, it is nearing completion.  Of course he depends what is regarded as the close end. But after over of age of the structure is to him more close than farther.

Every year Sagrada cathedral Family in Barcelona are visiting two million persons. Thanks to incessant pilgrimages the church every year is enriched about the 20 m. euro from the sale of entrance tickets. Still still too little in order to bring to a conclusion P basilica. in.  She was supposed to constitute the Holy Family the symbol of the living Roman Catholic faith and the centre of the entire team of buildings, in it of schools and school workshops.
Gaudi treated building as the organic process - the stone is gathering momentum, and ornaments are materializing from as plants. He created on the construction site, observing shapes being born and to change them in harmony with one's will, than to leave different realization of its project. Gaudi worked above the structure of the church all the way to his death, after his death nobody was in the state to conduct construction this way as he what is a cause of the endless building site.
In aims the church was supposed to contain three monumental facades, showing the birth of the Christ, the Passion as well as he will rise from the dead. Four gigantic towers were supposed to crown every of them.
There are already supposedly plans of completing the structure, they contain the m. in. project 170 of one-metre long central tower.
Sagrada Family 
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Time of the uprising
1882 - beginning construction
Architectural style
100 metres
Antonia Gaudi

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voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 22.09.2017 20:07

Barcelona to ciekawe miasto

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 07.09.2008 21:38

przypomniał mi się mój jednodniowy pobyt w Barcelonie kiedy to po przyjeździe pociągiem i wyjściu z tunelu przeraził mnie widok OGROMNEJ ulicy;) DUŻY + za galerię pozdr.

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