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The Postojna city is suiting in the Pivki valley, at the foot of a mountain Sovič (677 m). The entry to Postojnej of the Hollow is found about 1.5 km to the north-west from the centre.  At entering the cave walls clearly are blackened. It is a certificate of the action of Yugoslavian guerrillas who in 1944 dropped off being here German composition of fuels. Fortunately it didn't deprive it of the charm of the entire cave.
Object in whom among others the safe and the main entrance to the cave are A tourist route about the length is only filling 5.7 km 1.5 hour, because 4 - the one-kilometre segment of the so-called Old Corridor is being defeated on electric railway. Till the transition he remains for 1700 the m.  Guides are using all basic foreign languages (Polish also) and with one's Slovenian tongue. The cave was bored in rocks by the river Pivkę.  And with old channel of this river a tourist route is running.
Around they are multiplying marvelling rock forms.  Żółto-beżowo-pomarańczowe many metres long swellings, thousands hanging from ceilings of stalactites about most diverse forms, shapes and colours, huge stalagmites growing out of the earth, transparent rock curtains...
Pivka rivers, popping into the underground tunnel near the entry to the cave.  The river is flowing with deep underground corridor, carving next arrowheads on the way, what is coming to the surface as Unica all over.

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mironel użytkownik mironel(posts:255) dodano 23.06.2011 21:45

Piękna ta jaskinia. Byłem tam kilka lat temu i wyniosłem wrażenie jakby była ze świata hobbitów. Miło sobie przypomnieć.

ulka użytkownik ulka(posts:265) dodano 06.04.2010 19:56

Lubie powędrować po jaskiniach, czy już liczysz dni do wyjazdu ? Pozdrawiam:)

xxx użytkownik xxx(posts:10) dodano 12.03.2010 19:35

Świetne zdjęcia - pozdrawiam

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 28.08.2008 23:05

Każda jaskinia ma specyficzny urok. Niby wszędzie to samo a jednak robi wrażenie... pozdr.

cameron użytkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 28.08.2008 21:33

Galeria na 7;-) Osobiście przycięłabym kilka zdjęć. Pozdrawiam

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 28.08.2008 19:34

Twoja Jaskinia Postojna jest o niebo lepsza niż moja.Pozdrawiam

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