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Lock on an island.  Most famous around the trockich of monuments, the Lock on an island, established on an island Galwe stayed in the beginning of the XIV age. At first she was it is a wooden, built by Kiejstuta stronghold.  His son, Witold, completed the brick castle. The trockiej had the more further bloom of the seat connection with defeat of Teutonic Knights under the Grünwald what was slowed down from the role of a strategic point by.. In the XVI age the lock performed the role of the political prison.  He performed the role of the royal residence till times of the August's Zygmunt. Then he lost meaning.  At present the land of the castle constitutes the Museum of the Castle of Trotsky Lock on an island
Lock on an island Lock on an island Lock on an island Ruins of the land castle (raised 1362 - 1382) Charming wooden small town, inhabited by one of the smallest European nations - Karaimów. Śniadoskórzy Karaimowie, were taken down here in the Middle Ages from the distant Crimea.
Before the war Straps belonged to Poland, put on very border with Lithuania.   Today they are counting 7200 inhabitants and similarly to the entire Wileńszczyzna to a considerable degree they are inhabited by the Polish population. Tataryszki lake - bridge to the Galwe island Tataryszki lake

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mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2686) dodano 15.08.2008 00:45

Zwiedziłem to miejsce wielokrotnie, Twoja galeria dokładnie oddaje klimat tamtego miejsca, szczególnie urocze zdjęcie jest nr.2. Pozdrawiam serdecznie !

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