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Sveti Sava basilica. the Great impression is doing the largeness of the basilica. Serbs are saying, that kubaturowo is the largest in the most world. Saint Sawa - (B 1175 or 1176 ob. 12 January, 1235 or 1236) originally Rastko to Nemanjić (son of the author of the Serbian state of Stefan Nemanji) is most important saint at the Serbian Orthodox church. 
Founder (1219) the autokefalicznej of the Serbian Orthodox church, the saint patron of the education and medicines, the author of Nomokanonu and religious texts.
Two Serbian orders were called his name: św Order. of Sawa, Milana appointed in the year by the king of the Serbia as 1882 and and Church św Order. of Sawa, legislated c 1976 through an Serbian Orthodox church. The whole of the inside is in the renovation. sacred Rites take place in side altars. the sacred Music is giving the impression.
Kalemegdan stronghold built by Ottoman Turks with the superb view on the Sawa and the Donau. There are different kinds taken out of the weapon between walls of the stronghold.
The entire surrounded stronghold is a beautiful park. View on joining the Sawa and the Donau.
view from walls on new Belgrade. We toured Belgrade with the Serbian pilot by coach. therefore few snapshots. removing from streets of old Belgrade in the leisure time at heat 42 by steps. Walk in small streets.

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