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Św church. Floriana and św. in place of two wooden predecessors a chancellor raised Katarzynas Jerzy Ossoliński.  Works took period 1628 - 1636. According to the project of the unknown Flemish architect, an impressive late Renaissance building was made with the mannerist facade. Portal with the peaks typical of the Netherlands and friezes, contrasting with the red of bricks. The inside has one nave, with deep arches in side walls.  A vault is covering them in the Kalisz-Lublin style.
The equipment has the late Renaissance and mannerist capacity.
The organ brochure together with the instrument comes from the Lublin workshop.
Chapel in the niche of the wall of the sexton, firmly juz strained sometimes. Loreto house is the second object of the team (1634 - 1638) - multi-storey, late Renaissance building with the attic decorated with sculptures of prophets. The architectural form and sculpting details are being assigned to Kazimierz's royal architect - for Piotr Likkielowi who was an elevated in Poland Italian. Connections of the interior decor of Loreto house with the Renaissance and the Italian baroque are distinct, at least nice wreathed with the Polish way of carrying the retail out.
Inside of the house - in XVII in. here regular services took place.  Today he/she requires like as a matter of fact entire object of renovation works. Loreto house in the Pigeon is one thing from most interesting and most beautiful which came into existence.  He considers himself the first that kind of realization in Poland.

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czupur użytkownik czupur(posts:303) dodano 13.08.2008 09:28

mocar:dzięki za taką opinię, jestem i czuję się tylko amatorem .Pewnie jak każdy z nas staram się by zdjęcia były przyzwoite i sam podziwiam wiele pięknych ujęć w tym oczywiście Twoich.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 13.08.2008 09:15

Piękne zdjęcia - zresztą w wszystkich Twoich galeriach ujawniasz wyższą sztukę fotografowania. Gratuluje i powodzenia !

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 11.08.2008 07:53

Zdjecia wnętrz odbiegaja jakościowo od plenerowych. /nie pierwszy raz/

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 09.08.2008 14:33

Ładniejsze niż w orginale.Pozdrawiam

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