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In April of 2008 UAM officially finished the revaluation of the wonderful palace Raczyńskich in the village Zielonagóra.  The university, the thanks for restoration works carried out gained the modern object about the high standard. The palace, seized by UAM in 1989 in the state of advanced devastation stayed for the thanks for efforts of authorities of the college restored the former magnificence, becoming the architectural pearl of the Greater Poland back. The scope of works was huge.  A primal functional arrangement of the palace was reinstated, a historic house of the gardener was refurnished, a part of the land was surrounded. Also all installations were changed. Earlier also both outbuildings were restored as well as a pavilion housing a meeting hall to 100 persons and a kitchen and a dining room were built.  It is worthwhile recalling that all our efforts met with kind support from the side of district and county authorities. The renovation cost over 8 million zlotys.  The project in 75 per cent was financed from the European Regional Development Fund. The process of winning funding partially over to the Project started in the IV quarter of a year with preparing 2004 of the application form and the feasibility study and with the meeting of a specification sheet and essential declarations. Next he experienced the way of the formal and substantive verification, winning the highest recognition in the assessment of the panel of experts.  The agreement for funding partially was signed in the day of 4 August 2005.
10 luxury apartments are in a palace.  Everyone has it name and the central colour. Altogether insides with the outside landscape, that is slithering under the escarpment, on whom the palace is standing, in this area peculiarly picturesque, with the River Warta, at the front whereas cut, with deep ravines with park, an impression that it is almost fairy-tale is creating the place. The house of the Creative Work and UAM Rest being located in a palace will be a place of the organisation of a conference, seminars and cultural and educational parties.  Willingly we will welcome guests not bound with the college, but in the same cells.. A pursuit of the business of the hotel type isn't predicted. Admittedly the palace cannot boast about the attraction to the „ measure of the White Lady So the district ” news is bringing „, that the connected palace is with the nearby parish secret, led under the Guard with the passage.  So far however nobody managed to come across his track. Own in this direction a concealed underground passage to the church is supposed to lead it. 
It is possible to hear the similar legend from an elderly men in nearby Wronkach, where the underground przejscie is supposed to lead from vaults of the monastery frnaciszkanów to Worth the other side.  In this way it was possible to escape from the enemy in the time besieging the monastery. The view on the Guard from the high escarpment is superb.

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comments to the gallery (7):

jotwu użytkownik jotwu(posts:666) dodano 10.12.2008 18:12

Ładna, spokojna galeria. Szkoda, że na niektórych zdjęciach nie "wyprostowałeś" walących się budynków.

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 23.10.2008 16:58

Lubię takie szczegółowe i dokładne galerie. Temat dogłębnie pokazany - technicznie także. Ocena Max - Pozdrawiam

robson użytkownik robson(posts:450) dodano 23.07.2008 13:11

Dzięki, knfred i ptaq, staram sie jak mogę :-) Pozdro!

ptaq użytkownik ptaq(posts:57) dodano 23.07.2008 09:52

gratuluje robson...100 razy lepsza Zielonagóra od mojej.pozdrawiam

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 22.07.2008 18:21

To jest Twoja najlepsza galeria ! Gratuluję !

robson użytkownik robson(posts:450) dodano 22.07.2008 11:58

Dzięki, również pozdrawiam weterankę (chociaż nie wiem, czy można tam mówić o tak młodej dziewczynie :-) Tak, masz rację, te nowsze galerie z pewnością są lepsze. Pomijając kadrowanie, nowe są z pewnością lepsze technicznie - stare były robione na przedpotopowym kodaku-małpce, a potem skanowane na starym skanerze, co na pewno widać.

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 22.07.2008 10:41

witaj robson....przyznam ze ost, ogolnie NOWSZE galerie prezentuja znacznie lepszy poziom niz ten ktory pamietam sprzed niespelna dwoch lat.
takze wypada mi Cie pochwalic. widac duza starannosc.... podoba sie.
pozdrawiam weterana

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