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Narie lake in surroundings of the small town Morąg. Very much the shoreline added variety is having the about 50 km.  The deepest places of 40 around m. On the lake 19 islands are, from whom biggest these are a Big Island, a Small Island, Wzspa of Ghosts and the Duck's Islet. With undoubted virtue of this place, there is an implemented silence zone.  He/she is making impossible this using any motor boats or jet skis and he is guaranteeing like not disrupted communing with the nature. Harbour of sailing boats in Bogaczewie.
So let us sail and we  In Narie surroundings it is possible to watch interesting birds: of the eagle, the grebe, the common buzzard and the swan.  I focussed on it last... ... he is beautiful...
  and is able nice to present himself. One should not disturb this couple, so I will already now say goodbye  I thank for the visit

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porzeczka użytkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 25.01.2009 15:57

...też lubię takie galerie! I to bardzo!

wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2161) dodano 20.07.2008 17:36

Temat, który lubię, do tego ładnie sfotografowany.
A tak sarkastycznie dodam komentarz własny do opisu zdjęcia nr 11:
Szkoda raul, że nie skupiłeś się na tym pierwszym.

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