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We are beginning touring by the Old Lvov Gate who was with the XIXw half. for the almost II world war bricked in.  Low relieves are showing the Jesus from św. with Tomasz with Apostle and two cartouches with the coat of arms Zamość. The VII bastion - Nadszaniec decided huge działobitnię raised in times of the Congress Kingdom of Poland established in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna for the defence of the north-east part of the city. Renesansowo-barokowy św church. of Mikołaj.  It is former Greek-Russki Orthodox church raised in XVII in. We are heading in direction of the Large Market. with Characteristic feature many kamiennic of Zamość there are arcades. Kamiennice at the Aqueous Market.
The main accent of the Large Market constitutes the town hall around 52 - with one-metre long clock tower.  The present mannerist-baroque building dates from years 1639 - 1651 when it is J. Jaroszewicz and J. Wolf developed the project Bernarda of Moranda, the chief architect of Zamość. They are leading into the entry View from the terrace before the entry.  Pośrodku- hotel Orbis The Large market was one thing from biggest XVI-sto of eternal squares in Europe.  100 m has sizes 100 of x. Parallel a street is running out of the end of every frontage.
One of them of Staszic, runs departments in direction. there now we will come off but to the market we will still come back so that listen to the bugle call and more close watch kamiennicom. Late Baroque belfry, built in XVII in. whom the panorama of the city is stretching out from. Arsenal- of the Museum of the Colour and the Weapon. The monument to Jan Zamoyski designed by the Cracow sculptor of Necessary Marian, authors 
m. in. for Warsaw Nike. The monument has 10 m of the height altogether. And it is an urban park in the English style.
Elements of the fortification and remains of the moat are in it. This original, multi-storey house with the steeply slanting roof is called We are coming back in direction of the market passing nicely restored kamiennice. The kamiennic is also establishing the back to historical models. connected streets are often small covered passages.
And the one Before a prison was in this building what the low relief carving presenting the weight, the Temidy symbol are referring to. It is a further example of the characteristic building development of Zamość - arcades and wooden top floor extensions. this kamiennica at the Salt Market it is a hotel House of Rabin. Synagogue built in years 1610 - 1620, from the initiative of Jews aszkenazejskich.  They came from lands of Poland and they dealt mainly with the craft.
 Castle street with evident deep inside nadszańcem. Basilian street. We are then again on the market.  In a photo called the Armenian frontage this way from the first owners, leading out sie from this ethnic group. Kamiennica under the Angel raised in years 1632 - 34. Figure of the Archangel Gabriel with the lily in hand.
Called Kamiennica Sapphire or under the Marriage. Kamiennica under the Madonna. She received her name from the fine low relief carving of the Madonna holding the infant Jesus treading on the dragon. Built in the first half XVIIw. is bewitching with rich baroque decoration of the facade.
Kamiennica under Saint Kazimierz belonged once to the borough leader of Zamość. Kamiennicy portal of Turobińska. Building with the brick elevation it is a kamiennica Linkowska.  Description on the next photograph. Such elegant boards are put by all historic buildings. it is an exemplary idea. Roman goddess Minerva in the touraco. Arcades, whether as somebody it prefers arches distinctive feature of the Zamość market and surrounding him. 
Here by the hotel
Into the south from the town hall tower sound sie bugle call, but only to three sides in keeping with tradition sięgajacą of J times. of Zamojski.  Because the entailer didn't wish Cracow with whom Zamość competed to be greeted. In 1992 Zamość was recognised as the relic of the refined rank and an UNESCO was entered on the List of the World Legacy of the Culture.

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margo użytkownik margo(posts:2555) dodano 19.10.2009 22:25

Obejrzałam twoją galerię z Lublina i pojechałam do Lublina. Teraz obejrzałam Zamość i co mam zrobić. Na dworze zimno, a do wiosny jeszcze kawał czasu.

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1518) dodano 20.10.2008 15:40

Obszerne komentarze,przyjemnie się oglądało , swietne fotki * max

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 11.10.2008 09:22

Świetnie pokazane miasto. Na prawdę przyjemnie się oglądało tę galerię. Pozdrawiam.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 22.09.2008 23:54

Cała galeria da niezłym poziomie ale zdjecie nr 50 jest super - gratuluje !

labcio użytkownik labcio(posts:222) dodano 05.09.2008 10:29

Dobrze sobie dobrze zobaczyc co można zobaczyc podczas nastepnej mojej wycieczki

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 13.07.2008 15:07

Bardzo ciekawie przedstawiona miejscowość- nawet nie wiem kiedy ukazało się 50-te zdjęcie :) Obszerne komentarze, fajny ten "pozujący" wróbelek.
Pozdrawiam cieplutko.

czupur użytkownik czupur(posts:303) dodano 13.07.2008 10:25

Witam, dzięki za wizytę i komentarz.Jeśli chodzi o synagogę to Wikipedia mówi o inicjatywie Żydów aszkenazyjskich
zaś inne żródła nie podają.Pewnie trzeba sięgnąć po literaturę wyspecjalizowaną w tym kierunku.

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