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the sun is rising on the Chobe river, hour 7, we are observing morning animals the crocodile is searching for something to the breakfast ... the kingfisher is waiting for its breakfast... this hippopotamus lost the fight for the leadership in the herd and he was fired from the herd.  
He is full of the grief and feeling that world collapsed... he doesn't notice even that some large animal came near and shutters are lashing photonutters
But it this way won't end.  He must come back and again have a fight, still to the effect i.e. to the death of one of them. Hippopotami are very beastly and there are no jokes. The most tragic accidents are connected with the participation of people with hippopotami. the African wild buffalo, most incalculable, unpredictable heavy beasts, as only is coming back in place of the meeting in order to ruin the opponent.  The escape to the tree is only giving the chance of surviving in the bush.
rare antelope puku, is appearing only in these surroundings the equally rare wild African dog, the likaon, he lives and he is hunting in the herd, there were their eight pieces here, and hunted the impala down.  The guide said after 10 min. from it only bones would stay. the warthog i.e. the warthog, known very well from the film antelopes impala antelopes impala
afternoon trip to the Park, in silence and more comfortably... antelope kudu, one from biggest (an eland is biggest about the weight of the over 800 kg, the kudu is achieving the over 500 kg) crocodile he can this way with hours to rest these birdies (I don't know how they are called) on the edge rivers, something live in these holes kind of our swallows of the sand martin the elephant isn't stopping one's lanczyku, and per day a wheel of 200 kg must eat green
gossiping hippopotami gossiping hippopotami gossiping hippopotami attention, not to approach this bigger elephant (male) persuaded his companion to sail with him to the island (elephants are swimming!) 
she at first didn't want but then she agreed and together they sailed. We watched this situation through the longer time and in the meantime the sun came near to the west.
after the evening bath the family is going off to rest and we also.....

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comments to the gallery (9):

martafryka użytkownik martafryka(posts:1619) dodano 13.02.2013 00:27

oh beautiful...można tak siedzieć i patrzeć, a po każdym powrocie z buszu czuję jakąś taką tęsknotę i pustkę w sercu...bo taaak baaardzo się nie chce "do miasta" ;)

pedro1912 użytkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 23.08.2010 15:44

swift - dzieki, ja nie jestem ornitologiem, podslyszalem jak przewodnik mowil ze to kingfisher wiec wpisalem zimorodek.
trudno jest znalezc nazwe ptaka w internecie, majac tylko jego zdjecie, dla nie fachowca.
ale na przyszlosc juz bede wiedzial.

swift użytkownik swift(posts:131) dodano 23.08.2010 08:03

Ten zimorodek to rybaczek srokaty, a na skarpie siedzi żołna białogardła. Jej jeszcze nie widziałem, ale z 25 gatunków afrykańskich zostało mi 6 do zaliczenia.

northface użytkownik northface(posts:106) dodano 10.01.2010 20:19

Piękne zdjęcia!!
Do 21 dałabym opis "TEŻ CIĘ KOCHAM HIPCIU!" ;)

cameron użytkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 09.07.2008 21:14

Piękne zdjęcia słoni.Pozdrawiam

pedro1912 użytkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 07.07.2008 13:31

milo mi ze sie podobaja
(mi tez sie podobaja)
zapraszam do obejrzenia rowniez filmow z afryki

pedro1912 użytkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 07.07.2008 13:26

nie ma co zazdroscic, wystarczy spakowac plecak i w droge.
jedynie bilety lotnicze trzeba wykupic wczesniej
a przy rozlozeniu kosztow np. w skali roku to tez nie problem.

inka użytkownik inka(posts:55) dodano 07.07.2008 12:02

Lubię zaglądac do Twoich galerii i daję 10 za całokształt .

zielonadesign użytkownik zielonadesign(posts:91) dodano 06.07.2008 22:13

zazdroszczę podróży i pozdrawiam

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