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There is a so-called Cross Hill, on whom ancient commercial roads were supposed to cross to the east of Byczyny.  The legend is saying that one day here wanderers stopped. felt here safe, because thanks to beneficial situating the hill could not all of a sudden be surprised by the enemy. Then it is a bull calf from the herd of those wanderers, digging around in the earth with the hoof came across the dish filled up with gold coins. Wanderers, having recognised it as the good and happy sign, they decided here to settle, and they named the established settlement Byczyną. Jan Długosz exchanged Byczynę in one's chronicle as the city.  Document of Jan's bishop from the Pomesania, around 1433 is confirming his location. Chroniclers are confirming the message, that before 1054 the city was a seat of the Wrocław bishop temporarily. the Date of granting charter isn't known. According to unreliable data Henryk was supposed to send them and Bearded in 1288 The city also played the major part in the Silesian trade, because till 1736 they took place here three, and after this date six fairs annually.  In the list in the city 268 houses and 1191 inhabitants are changing with 1771. Also a craft developed, it was organized in seven guilds: bakery, butcher's, tailor's, poszewniczym, shoemaker's, furrier and blacksmith's-locksmith's. Byczyny surroundings, in spite of the long-term lack of the administrative contact with the Polish state, were characterized by a high percentage of the Polish-speaking population.      Today's Byczyna has not quite 4000 thousands of inhabitants and in my opinion, could start (with huge chances of the victory) in the casting to the least comely, least neat and sleepiest Opolszczyzny small town. In spite of the enormous potential (game of treasured monuments) the city causes the impression forgotten.
Biggest from them and probably best kept, there is an evangelical church. Different monuments, in spite of a young age, weren't lucky to wait it out in the so good condition until today's times.
They ask for the host and the good conservator.  In a photo granary (XIX in., neo-Gothic style)

Very Market looks quite well. Most impressively a town hall is being presented.
Also the Roman Catholic Church is (1767 - baroque) p in św. of Threesome. Tenements are in the all sorts state and they are presenting various styles. Unfortunately, somebody almost beneath very town hall also built All along the way to know the low economy (?). underinvestment (?), an idea is missing to better (?).
In Byczynie in the fairly good state curtain walls behaved.... .. and a few towers (of towers).
A few steps from the town hall are a little bit less pink.
It is comforting, around here a Club of the Work and Enterprises exist (on the snapshot his seat), perhaps and in Byczynie something they in the end will twitch.

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kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 30.09.2008 20:20

Byczyna zdecydowanie lepiej prezentuje się z lotu ptaka- wtedy doskonale widać jej nieprawdopodobnie dobrze zachowany układ urbanistyczny, ale stąpając po jej ulicach rzeczywiście czegoś brakuje...

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1518) dodano 10.07.2008 00:15

Powiem Ci, że i mnie ta mieścina także zmogła-sennie, nuuudą wiało, zero "ludzia" w mieście -no i jaki obiekt-takie emocje, zdjęcia i galeria...:)

cameron użytkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 09.07.2008 19:53

Dreptak lubię Twoje galerie, ale ta mnie delikatnie zmogła. Jest senna i nudna, pewnie dlatego, że i mieścina taka sobie.Pozdrawiam

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