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We are starting the trip on very Galve lake, where at night the szcześliwie pretended sie to pitch a tent. It was from a distance apparently characteristic towers of the Orthodox church of giving birth to Most saint Bogurodzicy. The Orthodox church was built in the 19th century, firebrands for use of Russians. The altar is decorating the rich iconostasis. The entire small town is wooden, at the beginning of the 20th century Straps had 178 houses, in it only 3 brick. A parish church of the Visitation was funded by Witold in 1409 of year.  The last expansion of the church followed in 1718.
Najceniejszym is an element of the baroque equipment of the church the beautiful image put in the high altar from 1718 of the Mother of God of Trocka, the gift from the Byzantine emperor of II Emmanuel Paleologa for Witold. Of developing from the period miedzywojennego. For 250 years in the centre the Strap is standing high for him ­ rowana column with the wooden św sculpture. of Jan of Nepomucen.  According to the old legend the wild boar, the Zatrocza owner, he travelled in a boat through the Galwe lake, when a violent storm surprised him. In the face of death he called for the help of św. of Jan of Nepomucen, the patron drowning, and I am pissing ­ for plum reached the shore. Soon you ­ turn up on the market column with the character, and saint a Strap was regarded as the patron. Ruins of the land castle The castle was built by Kiejstuta in years 1362 - 1382 with walls to height 9 of metres and with 11 towers.
On the courtyard of this castle they gathered together in the XV century sie here county regional councils The castle was destroyed in 1655 by Moscow armies.
Too little payment it is possible to sail for itself on the lake.  In case of trouble report to Jan of Nepomucen. Most famous around the trockich of monuments, the beautifully put lock on an island were put on on the island of the Galwe lake in the beginning of the XIV age. In the XVI age the lock performed the role of the royal political prison, here a m was settled. in. of khan the kipczackiego of Shah-Ahmed, Members of Parliament of the Moscow grand duke and the wdowe after Aleksander the Jagiellończyku, Helene, podejrzewwaną for the intention of the escape to Russia. Above the castle a flag is waving with Pursuit with the symbol of Lithuania. Privy on the lock, even though nobody is already using them I would advise not to go under them.
Old moat who divided the lock into two parts. With such armaments no not terrible cannon. The system of the monitoring of the castle, Teutonic Knights didn't have a chance for the surprise attack.  Lithuanians could see everything. The grandest feasts took place in it is this building on the lock. Principal courtyard.  The castle on an island was destroyed similarly to the land lock by Moscow armies in 1655, he is present largely rebuilt. Karaim street
Architekture Karaimów are representing neat wooden houses deployed on both sides, always about three windows on the peak. Kienesa (prayer house Karaimów) was built in the XVIII age, in the centre of the Karaim called before district Karaimszczyzną.  Kienesa several times underwent damage, particularly during fires in 1794 and of 1812, but right after them stayed thoroughly renovated Since the time of finishing the II world war by several dozen years she was only active Karaim kienesą in Europe.  Recently then again she underwent the thorough renovation.

 The kienesy is an most interesting and most beautiful accessory classical echałed (altar).
This man sie tired out, I also........ end of the tour.

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cameron użytkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 04.07.2008 16:26

Ciekawie i bardzo przyjemnie.Pozdrawiam

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 02.07.2008 23:13

Troki znamy juz z poprzednich galerii...
miejsce ciekawe, bogate w historie. galeria przyjemna, zgrabna i powabna:
zwrocilabym uwage na:
2- ciekawy klimat. skromny i wymowny.
4- swiatlo! ah!!
10- znacznie korzystniej prezentowaloby sie w ujeciu pionowym <budynek w tle, okwiecony trawnik kontrastujacy z zimna tonacja nieba no i kolumna w centrum kadru, tak ja to widze>
16- ladnie wkomponowane
20- trzymamy tzw. pion patrzac na poziomy:)
24- rowniez kadrowalabym w pionie
30, 31-++, kojarzy mi sie nieco z Xix wiecznym san francisco ;-) w nieco innym stylu

ogolnie przepalenia nieba to wina tego, o czym czesto wspominal jotwu- pora fotografowania, polozenie slonca i zbyt silne swiatlo.
Nic czego moglbys uniknac.
dla mnie ciekawie. dla ciebie 8 z pozdrowieniem

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