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In the stop light of the rising sun, after the tiring climbing, eyes directly are drinking stretching views in well he is to sit for a while a bit and to popodziwiać surroundings (there is at us no it...) after running from the sand dune need approaches steam of kilometres to Deadvlei and here and she..... at one time here a river flowed (hence this yellow fine sand) then Sun already high in the North (here, on the southern hemisphere), colours faded
well from time to time some clouds are occurring..... recently so the rainy season ended plants in a flash are exploiting the surface damp to take part in precipitated growth and then again to fall into the long dry dream, to next falls next year is being started repeating the whole process in the next valley (already lasts from 100 - 200 years)
a long time ago here he doesn't already have water... 
but the life accommodated itself to difficult conditions and with every step it is possible to come across something living crossing crow, magpie, raven and something still (I am guessing elements from behaving of this bird) door of the house of the spider running beetle, covered with stains of cream with the filter - whom for himself produces.  His chitinous shell isn't divided as this way as at our beetles, (cannot for her part in order to move wings,) in order to minimize losses of the damp. Every day the morning climbs to some swell of the land, he is bending over backwards entering the abdomen direction of the ocean. The wind is bringing microdroplets with itself to the damp who is liquefying sie on his abdomen and is flowing directly to the kisser. This amount of water is enough for him for the entire day. Return road to the kampingu, sand dunes are pulling sie from the left hand of the road, from right yellow grass is granting the nice colour lands inhabited by animals.  These antelopes it springboki - a Polish name is gazelle.

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kama_wos użytkownik kama_wos(posts:204) dodano 07.12.2009 17:28

niesamowita galeria... piękne zdjęcia...

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 13.08.2008 16:52

Zazdroszczę....ale tak w pozytywnym tego słowa znaczeniu :) Urzekła mnie 1 i 17 :)))))) Pozdrawiam

archipio użytkownik archipio(posts:892) dodano 18.07.2008 14:50

Fantastyczny krajobraz.
Dobrze fotografowany robi wielkie wrażenie.

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 01.07.2008 20:46

Kurczaki...! zdjęcia niczym obrazki Salvadora Dali - rewelka.

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 01.07.2008 17:06

Miejsce robi wrażenie - galeria także. Pozdr.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 01.07.2008 13:16

Zdjęcia inaczej jak film, ale też bardzo dobrze oddają atmosferę tego miejsca. Super kolory.

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