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For years the knowledge about rock cities lying in Teplic surroundings above Metuji and Adrspachu was relatively little.  The local residents ran for shelter in them, when they felt endangered in one's homesteads. Only round about 1700 the first pioneers of the tourism started arriving in Adrspachu from adjacent Silesia.  The oldest image of rocks originates in 1739. In 1824 amongst rocks great explosion forest fire, lasting for a few weeks who destroyed almost an entire forest flora.  Only then rock mazes became more accessible, and owners of this soil began building the first network of tourist trails. Mountain lakelet, by whom he is sailing across Metuja.  On the small pocket Aquarius little rush. Adrszpaskie rocks are unique sandstone blocks ensuing, similarly to the strip of the tableland as a result of the uneven resistance of rocks to going flat whom water, frost and the wind modeled. Many rocks have own I will name as visible on it and the next photograph - Lovers.
The uniform plate of sandstone was divided with numerous canyons, valleys and cracks to the row of fragments. The covered whole is forest with numerous kinds of the mountain flora and fauna. Between mazes of rock forms a paid requiring no skill at walking in the mountains, consisting of tourist route is spending running comfortable steps, the railing, ladders, artificially built pavements and platforms. PANORAMA. THE STAROSTA AND A STAROST'S WIFE. SUGAR LOAF.
Lake in the former sandpit.  Very charming place, I recommend the walk around the lakelet. The rock city by thermal springs is a little bit less well-known than Adrszpaskich Rocks, but it is from them more extensive, higher and wilder. The most extensive that kind of rock land constitutes the ha counting round about 1800 in Czechs. Rocks are formed mainly in the form long, uskokowych of walls, materializing straight from land, about relatively straight, soaring shapes who are creating the system flat on the bottom of canyons. Here Siberia, where in spite of the summer the snow lies and it is truly coldly. On edges of canyons a dozen or so slowly standing rock towers reaching the height close 100 m are situated.
As similarly as through Adrszpaskie Rocks, through Cieplickie Rocks he is constructing a paid tourist trail... ... adapted for evident on zdjąciu of the untrained tourist. Cieplickie rocks thanks to acting in them of significant number of straight and high walls starting from the level of ground... ... they constitute much more interesting wspinaczkowo land from more well-known Adrszpaskich Rocks. I am inviting to the more further walk amongst rocks in silence, without the commentary. Unfortunately the part of the segment was closed around wzglęgu for the hatching season of a peregrine falcon, who sie here make a nest - and what's more is just beautiful.

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wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2238) dodano 30.09.2013 21:58

Dziękuję Baracudo za miły wpis, to odległe analogowe dzieje...
Także pozdrawiam.

baracuda77 użytkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 30.09.2013 15:07

Wspanial odslona Gor Stolowych:)Pozdrawiam

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 28.01.2009 00:46

Byłam zimą, widzę że latem też trzeba tam pojechać. Pozdrawiam

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 04.06.2008 20:34

Bardzo dobrze pokazane, byłem piękne miejsce i Twoje galeria w pełni to oddaje. Pozdrawiam

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 04.06.2008 20:13

teraz to ja nie wiem kto kogo kokietuje.
ja tez prosze o dedykacje ;P z gory dziekuje......

wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2238) dodano 04.06.2008 20:07

KNFred chwalisz mnie czy kokietujesz Moneeq?
Zasadniczo to chciałem Tobie zadedykować tę galerię Ty ceprze z Chodzieży,
i pożeraczu naszych pięknych gór...
I pewnie to jeszcze wkrótce zrobię.

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 04.06.2008 19:59

Tak zgadza sie naj naj najjjjj z dotychczasowych galerii tego rejonu.

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 04.06.2008 19:41

naj naj najjjjj

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