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Sutoris mineshaft - they are just going down in it and he is driving out of mine basements, called differently Szewczym, Szewczą with Mountain (1397), knocked out in the XIII fishing the Legend says, that exactly in this place... ... a miracle of finding the salt by Saint Kinga took place.  It is oldest, incessantly active salt well in the European mining. View on from the market to the oldest remaining mine mineshaft. In places where remaining panes were at present wagons are standing. the one on there were as many as three mineshaft/s market/here... ... however the one wheel of the belfry of the Basilica. how many of them it is not I know I could see three. And here and belfry fully. however it is XVI reconstruction in the larch belfry, r made in 1991 after the fire in 1987.  The belfry burnt down in unexplained to today circumstances. by the belfry or inversely...
... a majestic funded parish church is standing in 1253 r. however in 1440 r. the church burnt to the ground.  Reconstruction, situated in it alone as previously for place of the building they finished c 1445 r. He was it is one of the largest churches which were raised in that time in the province. From 10 October 1998 r. with papal decree a św church was raised. of Mikołaj of the Bishop, to the rank of the smaller basilica. So we are entering the baroque-rococo interior, where the chapel is situated with beautiful, crowned in 1934 r., with image of the Bochnia Mother of God and... ... bł chapel. of Kinga of whom dress up - Jan Matejko designed stained glass, choir stalls, the altar, the image of Kinga and the polychrome of walls. On account of the wonderful image Bochnia, and more specifically the basilica...
... she became the place of many pilgrimages in związk with what... ... a modern pilgrimage house was built. After spiritual experiences we are setting off to the city... ... beside an Observantine street is spending basilicae running... ... and there something for miłosników of walks after our Tatra mountains. By the factory a small museum of winemaking and L.Golicyna history works.
... house in whom repeatedly Jan Matejko had staying. We are coming back in the direction of the market on the way passing... ... some. but whatever there it was located I forgot. And juz we are on the market, where in the central stoii point monument to Great Kazimierz postawiny in 1871 r. On one of corners of the market here such a pole is standing with inscriptions in four languages. whatever he is symbolizing unfortunately it failed for me to establish. On the second corner table they are finding sie of furnishing the former monastery of Dominican friars where at present the museum of Stanisław Fischer of the historiographer is located of the Bochnia Earth.
Building of a district court built in years 1837 - 47 on the spot knocked down in years 1779 - 1781 of church of Dominican friars.  It juz no monument is but great wyglada. after the all-day walk all over Bochnia and near Bochnia I recommend the return and... ... memory former socialist czsów. the Concrete floor, tables and chairs on wire legs, woman in white overalls with the rag in the hand, low smiesznie of price/ 26. 98 zloty to three persons too three duty obiad+kompoty/ and tasty. I recommend

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nomaderro użytkownik nomaderro(posts:38) dodano 03.03.2009 21:51

świetnie pokazana Bochnia

zima-2009 użytkownik zima-2009(posts:347) dodano 03.03.2009 21:48

Szczerze mówiąc; tak mnie wchłonęły Twoje komentarze,że nie zwróciłam uwagi na to,o czym pisze cameron.
Ciekawa galeria szczególnie dla tych,którzy nigdy w Bochni nie byli-jak ja.

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 25.06.2008 22:59

cameron - z tą ostrością masz rację chciałem sobie ułatwic i sie nie udało/tz. było szybciej ale efekt gorszy/

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 25.06.2008 22:40

knfred czekam nadal na cos
co znow zachwyci jak poprzednia galeria.....

cameron użytkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 25.06.2008 22:34

Może to ze zmęczenia, ale chyba na co niektórych zdjęciach brakuje ostrości. Jak zwykle "uratował" Cię komentarz;-). Miła odmiana po ostatnich galeriach na Obieżyświacie. Pozdrawiam

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 25.06.2008 20:56

A w przypadku tego baru okazuje się ze jeszcze w zeszłym roku tak było.

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 25.06.2008 20:52

Bary mleczne 50 lat temu były najtańszym sposobem na całodzienne wyżywienie.Pozdrawiam

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