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A canyon of the Jokulsa river is one of centre-pieces of the North of Iceland, cut through with numerous waterfalls. 
Dettifoss is the biggest waterfall in Europe, even though he isn't particularly high every the second here 500 m 3 is brimming over waters. Droplets floating in the air are creating the cloud into a sunny day with the rainbow (unfortunately during our expedition the day was cloudy and rainy) About 2 the kilofinish upriver is being found next waterfall - Selfoss, falling numerous with cascades. Selfoss Selfoss Going downriver next waterfall - Hafragilsfoss.
Jokulsa canyon in surroundings of the Dettifoss waterfall. In consecutive (already sunny day) more further touring already of smaller nooks of the canyon. And in the end we saw rood screens. Looking oneself to this landscape it is positively hard to believe what elements the earth is hiding. Goeafoss (Waterfall of Gods) near the Myvatan lake and the Jokulsa canyon. Goeafoss
On the south of Iceland, right next to Geyziru the most well-known waterfall of Gullfoss Iceland is probably. Gullfoss Gullfoss And of a lot of different waterfalls, which names to remember the nonway
Outside huge waterfalls beautifully also small brooklets look with mineral deposits and lichens, where in deeper places it is possible to enjoy warm baths (here Hveravekkir of the about 100 km from Gullfoss by the Kjoelur itinerary)

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Fajne te wodospady - szczególnie udane w słoneczną pogodę - zawsze by się oczekiwało słoneczka?

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