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Magurski national park - huge, gently undulating, bathed in green of grass and white of orchards, interspersed with solitary trees, strewn with small stains of migrating sheep space.  An oasis of peace, the land of silence, the kingdom of the omnipresent nature. It is positively hard to believe, that still in the period between war here quite abundant deposits existed. All over ancient villages only lonely chapels, roadside crosses and Orthodox churches stayed - mainly wooden, covered with shingle or silvery metal sheet, perfectly fitted into into the landscape, standing on guard of mentions of the stormy history of these areas and of their inhabitants.  I apologise to you in this gallery will be of everything bit by bit, Mag鏎ski the Park is so abounding with the diversity of the nature, buildings, cultures that on everyone this topic could in order me to create separate galleries.  The one is supposed on the purpose of only you to encourage visiting of the ones ecologically of clean and beautiful sides in whom I spent three years. Orthodox church into Chiroewj as the more ancient sanctuary of the Mother of God
kept altar from XVIII in. It is only in surroundings temple consisting of the built and wooden part.  A built chapel to whom with time the wooden chancel and the nave were built on is oldest. They are looking at the Orthodox church from above. Because she lies in the valley of the Imielka stream. The stream is murmuring very softly, and people loud are digging in the earth so that widen it or even change his gear. Around a peace mixt with the pinch of the eminence is being sensed. Orthodox church in Kotaniu
Greek Catholic p Orthodox church. in.  Saint of Kosmy and Damian in Kotaniu at present Roman Catholic church, raised in XVIII in. Kr瘼na
The Orthodox church and the historic bridge in Olchowcu Wooden Orthodox church in Great p 安i徠kowa. in.  Of Micha of the Archangel. Olchowiec
Greek Catholic Orthodox church in forest clearings Olchowiec
Orthodox church from Zawadce of cit. Rymanowska as the Roman Catholic church Zawadka Rhyme. Orthodox church in Trzcianej  Trzciana

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comments to the gallery (6):

mocar u篡tkownik mocar(posts:2630) dodano 21.01.2010 21:12

Sp璠zi貫m w tym rejonie trzy lata, lecz jeszcze nie my郵a貫m o OS i galeriach :)

wkraj u篡tkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 21.01.2010 21:01

Bardzo r騜norodna galeria, wiele miejsc jest mi znanych, do kilku chcia貫m dotrze, ale si nie uda這. Zdj璚ia z kilku lat. Ciekawie pokazujesz cerkwi w Krempnej. Jest jeszcze przed wymian kopu w wersji blaszanej oraz ju po odnowieniu w wersji drewnianej. Pozdrawiam.

reni3 u篡tkownik reni3(posts:169) dodano 09.02.2009 22:30

>奸icznie pokazane okolice..dzi瘯uje...:)

qbalon u篡tkownik qbalon(posts:41) dodano 19.10.2008 17:01

By貫m dzisiaj w Hucie Pola雟kiej i cerkiew ma ju wymieniony dach ale reszta jest nadal bardzo 豉dna.

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 09.05.2008 18:26

ζdnie skomponowane zdj璚ia cerkwii.

krushyna u篡tkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 07.05.2008 20:13

Baaardzo przyjemna galeria :)
tylko liter闚eczka w tytule si gdzie zab陰ka豉 ;)

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