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... but first of all: parade depicting symbolic leaving Warsaw by occupation Russian armies yielding under the pressure of the French army.  On the front maszerowala Russian army, illustrating leaving Warsaw by the Russian garrison of Gen. Jurkowski. In the rearguard of Russian army 20 personal unit jegr闚 firing at coming Frenchmen (French avant-garde in composition 20 of stunt riders and 10 cavalrymen). At the back behind scouts, keeping great distance main French powers headed. In the advance guard of French armies surrounded with adjutants a marshal went Murat. Behind him the cavalry and the infantry. French armies formed the quadrilateral in front of the castle and representatives of the municipality gave keys to the marshal and they lodged thanks for freeing the city.  Next an inspection of armies took place with the participation of representatives of the municipality. .. he isn't supposed as it to be a drummer boy... ... old old comrades...
... eyes left! ... face to face.... On Sunday in Pu速usk the battlefield from December 1806 became the witness of the battle, for whom the scenario arose basing on the run of real events.  The fragment reconstructed specially to needs for the show of old Pu速usk, pyrotechnic effects (about 600 explosions), the commentary of the narrator, and the music created the unique show. Battle prepared with the great swing and the great care into the very attractive przybli篡通 way for spectators of the event historical from before 200 years. After finishing the military action a ceremonial parade before the audience took place. reorganizing before the attack...
flanking attack... the cavalry broke moved bridgeheads of the enemy the success of the attack tlited the scale pan zwyci瞛twa .... hard work of the gunner... reorganizing to the parade parade
fans weren't missing

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maca u篡tkownik maca(posts:287) dodano 17.04.2008 13:33

Mog貫 bardziej si postarac z kadrowaniem. Wiem 瞠 podczas takich inscenizacji jest ci篹ko, ale dla chc帷ego nic trudnego ;)

pedro1912 u篡tkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 15.04.2008 20:59

jasne, dzieki za impuls do poszukiwan wlasciwszej metody

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 15.04.2008 20:33

A wi璚 krytyka pomaga zwr鏂ic uwag na w豉sne b喚dy.
Ciesz si razem z Tob 瞠 teraz Twoje galerie b璠zie si lepiej ogl康a.

pedro1912 u篡tkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 15.04.2008 17:09

dokladnie tym samym.
zmienilem tylko teraz metode dopasowywania do rozmiaru obiezyswiata,
teraz zostawiam ta sama rozdzielczosc a ograniczam rozmiar do 700x525 pikseli
ciesze sie ze ta metoda nie pogarsza jakosci

jedrek u篡tkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 15.04.2008 16:35

Fajnie zrobione.Pozdrawiam

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 15.04.2008 16:10

Je瞠li te zdj璚ia te by造 robione tym samym soniaczem to nowy spos鏏 zak豉dania galerii,
wp造n掖 pozytywnie na ich jako嗆 bo nie ma ju tej "kaszki".
A jezeli to nie zdj璚ia z sony to u篡waj tego innego sprz皻u.

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