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Akbar Large, the mogolski master who conquered almost entire India, in spite of his unlimited power and the power didn't have what the man wanted the most - of son - of descendant. None even the imported substances most expensive of the most distant nooks of world didn't help, the descendant didn't turn up. Then Akbar heard today's Fathpur Sikri about the Salim sage who lived in the small village close by. Akbar went to him to the walking pilgrimage.  The Salim sage foretold him giving birth to sons. What his joy was how soon all over it his wife gave the first son birth to for him. The happy father ordered in the place, in whom he met the sage to build palaces, temples... entire city and moved his capital city there. But with the Akbara death city
Monumental gate, called Buland Darwaza, for heights 40 of the m... ... he is leading to the extensive courtyard of the mosque (therefore we are barefooted), within whom... ... a real trinket of architecture was built - little Salima tomb, made in one piece of white marble. Foto-pauza with camels. Orcha - rather small village with palace-temple Jahangira complex.
Orcha - walk in the village. Pole - Indian, two bratanki.

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moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 05.05.2008 20:17

pani prezydent, a jak!

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 03.05.2008 09:41

Cenię galerie z podpisem własnym.24 jest super.Pozdrawiam

kwiatuszek użytkownik kwiatuszek(posts:130) dodano 01.05.2008 21:27

Zdjęcie 24 - super!!!
Gorące pozdrowienia...

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