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Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey chancel - view from Parliament Square Harrods with night Tower Bridge Tower Bridge at dusk
The Palace Buckingham and the monument to the queen of the Victory Św cathedral. of Paweł - Anglican facade of the Św cathedral. of Paweł crowning of the dome the Św chair. of Paweł Św cathedral. of Paweł with night view on Embankment from the place, where now Eye London is standing - large big wheel
Of creases Ben Houses Parliament of Houses Parliament of - at dusk Houses Parliament of - with night Piccadilly Circus into the day... ... and at night
one more time Piccadilly Circus - view in direction Square Leicester entering Chinatown in the Soho district game in Richmond of the Park on south-west edges of the city Trafalgar Square - National Gallery and the Old church Martin in Fields the - absolute mixing styles, very Londoners are calling him the ugliest church of world... ... and similar taking hold with the night Widog from Tate of Gallery Modernisms on the Millennium the Bridge and the financial centre
Court Hampton - palace of VIII Henryk flower gardens Court Hampton - supposedly in the unchanged form from XVI in. gardens Court Hampton flower gardens Court Hampton flower gardens Court Hampton access to the Old church Bartholomew's
inside of the Old church Bartholomew's - and this własciwie what stayed from the primitive, Romanesque church - the chancel and the part of the nave - yet is feeling, especially, if somebody - as I - is a lover of art and medieval architecture rotunda of the church of Knight Templars - recently popularized through detail of the portal of the church of Knight Templars view on the noon Thames bank from Tower Bridge Thames at dusk The financial centre and the Thames at dusk
Tower of London at dusk Catholic Westminster Cathedral with such a sunrise London said us goodbye to at the departure to the airport in 2004 r...

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ciasteczkowypotwor użytkownik ciasteczkowypotwor(posts:201) dodano 13.04.2013 09:37

Mnie jakoś ten Londyn nie jara ....
ale zdjęcia ładne . ; )

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 02.04.2008 19:42

Bardzo ciekawy misz-masz.
Dziękuję za porcje wspomnień,moje wspomnienia z Londynu są jeszcze w poczekalni.
Już teraz zapraszam do oglądania jak je wstawię.

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