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Only one day to this city it firmly too little rally of only a shutter from Cairo......... from the window of the coach   It is possible either to fall in love or to start to hate, but certainly not to pass towards him indifferently Cairo  from the window of the coach, absolute landscape after the battle, one large construction site Touring Cairo - of the biggest north Afry metropolis unfortunately only from the window of the coach we are directing the first steps at the Egyptian Museum
They gathered in this museum over 120 tys. of exhibit items. 
Unfortunately apparatus had to stay in the storehouse. At first monuments were being collected in the Azbakian garden. Statue of II Ramzes In front of the building busts of the most outstanding archaeologists and researchers of ancient Egypt were placed brief voyage after Nilu voyage after Nilu voyage after Nilu
About 23 m. populations are inhabiting the capital city of Egypt There is this city full of many contrasts whom history reaches 5 thousand years On the Nilu edge, are, ships in whom restaurants and cafés are,
The Cairo poor, homeless people living on drinks cabinets mooring on Nilu edges The poverty in Egypt is horrifying, these are entire families of the homeless on drinks cabinets, moored on the Nilu edge bird, more close for me not known photographed on Nilu place, in whom Mojżesz was get out by the daughter of the pharaoh of Nilu the ride to the Giza, the view around behind panes of the coach
the ride to the Giza, the view around behind panes of the coach Ride up to famous pyramids in the Giza: of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerynosa pyramid selling are for the step for the present meeting with Large Pyramids, View on acrobats' pyramids in the Giza Pyramids are situated on the desert plateau who is appointing the border of the huge architectural team of the Giza, Cairo being a part today.
Pyramids in the Giza are standing out with the perfect shape Team of pyramid selling in the Giza these are two largest pyramids built in ancient Egypt and the Mykerinosa pyramid The great Sphinx of Thebes relating to the pyramid of Chefren.  He is returned to the East, that is in Nilu direction.
The pyramid of Chefren is standing out with the adjusted by her, by the bottom sepulchral temple, huge relief of the Sphinx of Thebes
The Sphinx of Thebes carved in the gigantic block of rock, a body has the lion and the head of the pharaoh with shielded wide scarf nemes.  57 m and height 20 of the m have the length  impressing but very much destroyed, the Sphinx of Thebes is a statue of the lion with the head of the man.  They recognize that his face is showing some of old masters of Egypt. He is deteriorating from the year for the year.
and it is then again a view around behind the mineshaft of the coach in the background Alabastrine Mosque, dominating over the city, in years 1830 was built - 1857 in the place.  Time to come back....

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