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it was a frightening elephant!  He wasn't a doyen of the family defending the dostepu to the family at all, rather eee, and who you are?? uuupsss, like high zambezi river
the company is heading for the water place and she, standing from one side of the road expected... ... of him
the zambezi river and the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia waterfalls of the Victory
these nests are incredible! are spending sie impossible to build but already at all to settling.. 
but perhaps there nobody lives?? elephant's family and it is probably a cousin: -)
goodnight ... and for the visit: -)

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doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 18.09.2008 19:49

Z wielką przyjemnością obejrzałam tą galerię. Urocze fotki 20-21 :)) Trochę zabrakło komentarza, ale dało się poczuć klimacik :) Pozdrawiam

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