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A church isn't big buildings and money - a Church is People 

it is our view from the hotel window, these People are simply praying, they don't need the cover to it. the tradition and the present central Fountain beneath the dome for ritual ablutions before the prayer - mosque of the Sultan of Hassan in Cairo a mosque is a place where are not only praying, there they are resting, they are meditating it is possible to study lending the Koran of it off the cupboard in front of the room of prayers minarets of the mosque from XIXw
mosque Muhammada-An- Nasira by the Citadel walls of the Citadel and the Alabastrine mosque vault in the alabastrine mosque
gardens of the citadel the view from the west terrace of the citadel on mosques of the Hasana sultan and the Af-Rifa-iego Courtyard in the alabastrine mosque with arches and the main fountain for ritual ablutions and then again inducing collision of times and worlds

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