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Panorama of Havana.  View from the side of the stronghold of Elas Morro. Shop of all benefits whom it is absolutely necessary on Cuba to try - the rum, cigars and the coffee.  These best cigars it Museum of the revolution.  Modern building, not fitting a little to zbytkowej of Havana. Inside a yacht is found about the name Colonial architecture of Havana. Plaza de San Francisco Beautiful, unfortunately very much destroyed city.  After wrecks it is possible to think itself through how it longed in times for the greatest magnificence. Of the one from before the revolution. Castro and the socialism are an indelible part of the history of the island, won't be let her without it feel the climate.
Plaza Vieja.  Square, on whom at one time a slave market took place. There are many places in Havana, where kubańczycy are pleased with a music. Cafe and the Ambos Mundos Hotel.  Favourite bar Hemingway'a. Market of Havana artists Square of the revolution.  Seat of Fidel of Castro. The building is huge and he resembles the bunker.
He is a look-alike of his American equivalent, of course he is from it higher... for the length of the mast. 

In the distance American cars from years 50 - of the ones accidentally also became the symbol of Cuba. Socialist passwords whom on Cuba it is possible to meet everywhere.  They are probably convincing only very Fidel. In the free translation
Square of the Revolution.  Example of numerous symbols of the revolution - image Ernesta

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moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 26.05.2007 15:54

zgadzam sie z przedmowca. Duze wrazenie robia tutaj slowa komentarza.

kustonnka użytkownik kustonnka(posts:404) dodano 31.01.2007 15:49

Swietny, interesujacy i wyczerpujacy komentarz. Tego brakuje na 90% innych galerii. Zame zdjecia pozostawiaja nieco do zyczenia, ale i tak stawiam "4" bez cienia watpliwosci.

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