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Kazimierz is a stomping ground of painters and tourists, and a beautiful landscape and architecture, the Vistula river climate and these odd cultural colours are power of attracting him.  Being in Kazimierz I had the weather grille, so are and different photographs. Bottom Kazimierz is little counting 4.5 tys. of inhabitants with small town in the Lublin PROV.  He is put on the right edge of the Vistula, by the Grodarz stream flowing to her, at the foot of one of the most picturesque subregions of the Lublin Upland, for which there is a Plateau Nałęczowski. The Vistula cutting Centre-Polish Uplands through is originating the interesting segment of the turning point whom in surroundings of Kazimierz he is enrapturing with the steepness of edges, here coming even to 90 metres above the level of the river and walking away later, gentle already with line to Puławy. He is a beauty of these lands thickest in Poland network - about 10 km of ensuing ravines as a result of erosion, to 1 square km of the surface.  Unusual it is a maze! In a photo tower seen from very bottom from the edge of the Vistula. Navigation on the Vistula.  In the summer season it is possible to take part in for pedestrians voyages on riverboats on the Vistula in the direction of the lydia broom. Crossing by ferry 'Gelderland' in the summer season the ferry is sailing regularly from the harbour in quarries kazimierskiego to the janowiecki edge.  He is taking 3 - 4 cars and several dozen persons...
... named this way for commemorating the help by the structure of the ferry a Dutch friendly province gave to which with the region in Poland with its major city in Lublin. About every season the small town is a meeting place kazimierskiej of the bohemia. The most beautiful tenement is situated at the Senatorial street.  It is tasteful in decorative elements, belonging once to kazimierskich of patricians Celejów tenement Celejowska, at present seat of the Vistula river Museum. The most impressive tenements are tenements put in the Market under św. with Mikołaj and under św. with Krzysztof originating from beginnings of the seventeenth century. They belonged to one around najmożniejszych of burgesses kazimierskich - of Mikołaj and Krzysztof Przybyłów who did from them almost sculpting galleries. Parish church - was a Gothic church taken out from the foundation of Great Kazimierz in the fishing for the XIV age originally rebuilt in the spirit of the Renaissance.
Kazimierz aptly pleases sie fame of the pearl of the Renaissance.  In 1994 r. the small town was recognised with decision of the R President. P. behind the monument to the history of Poland. However nothing is eternal, therefore of theses, him valuable advantages must be - and are - under fixed protection of Kazimierski of the Landscape Park and with concern of fathers of the city and a conservation officer.  Also by us alone - of inhabitants, tourists and guests should be respected. If you see such a cockerel of huge sizes know that right the best kazimierska is cake shop. Mountain of three Crosses.  At her feet a small town is situated. To be in Kazimierz and not to enter on I am afire of three Crosses it... dissimilar! The hill is also being called the round steak are afire was already mentioned in documents of the city in 1577 r. Three Crosses referring to the Golgotha stayed for r entered 1708. to the souvenir of the large bubonic plague who decimated inhabitants of Kazimierz. It is worthwhile knowing, from the hillside and the top of a mountain of three Crosses is covering unique and protected with law flora. View of the castle from the track.  Now there we are just going. Commemorative finding stone sie before going the tower up.
Towering on with city, the situated on top of a hill, round tower from the bedrock is astonishing with one's dimensions: the diameter of 10 m, height 20 of the m, the thickness of the walls of 4 m.  Before a castle was built the tower was good sailing on the Vistula as the river and former lamp post with seat of the accurate guard. Notice-board before going the tower up. 
A barrel-shaped shape of the tower who is a conscious effect of her builders is a curiosity. He made it difficult to put ladders as well as he caused the glissade of arrows switched on moving the circle of the fire away from the base of the tower The nature is matching here perfectly with work of people a średniowieczno is which - Kazimierz's Renaissance urban planning arrangement, accurately adapted to the configuration of the land. The tower has characteristic merlons that is: _ | - | _ | - | _ | - | _ 
I hope, around you know what it is about;)
These merlons are just obscuring the majority of the attraction for tourists, but from ruins of the castle we will be able to watch similar views, like already unrestricted. From the peak of the tower a beautiful and extensive view is stretching out on Kazimierz and the Vistula valley... ... and to ruins of the castle.
From above it is possible to relish superb views really to sandy islands of the Vistula... ... as well as for very turn. Here we are already slowly going down around baaardzo of steep and very numerous steps of the tower. The last view on the tower and we are going to the lock, and rather than that his ruins. On the hill only his ruins, however giving an idea of this monumental, shapely adapted stronghold are already seen, of one among many which came into existence on południowo - eastern Polish soil too of times of Great Kazimierz. In the age of the Renaissance under the eye Gucci and Piotr Likiel were converted by such famous architects as royal as Santi into the lock.
From a beauty spot an equally fine view is stretching out on the lock like from the tower. A legend who is saying about underground, waiting for the discoverer leading corridors to the nondistant castle in Bochotnicy, where in secret the king set off exists Great Kazimierz to the meeting with cherished Esterką, beautiful Jewish townswoman around Łobzowa. The ticket for the lock and the tower costs: normal 2.20 zloty, concessionary 1.60 zloty About the whole and the primitive shape of the castle it is hard today to imagine, much from it rubble is still protruding.  One can only see, that a market wasn't extensive, and he had the shapeless, used to the shape of rock job, on whom it was raised. In years 1958 - 1960 on the area of ruins was carried out archaeological examinations.  The castle was strengthened in the form of the durable ruin and he was made available for tourist movements. It is possible to admire the lock and the tower from V-X 9. 00 - 18. 00 and after the season in solar weekends 11. 00 - 15. 00.
From the beginning the XIX lock remains the wreck, however she isn't lacking the charm and the Romanticism.  It is possible from it to admire the beautiful panorama of Kazimierz and wide surroundings. The last take around tower above the gate of the castle. Descending the lock is slowly disappearing... ... and is disappearing. And on the kazimierskim of the market is comforting us mime, because it is already an end of the tour. He is already saying us goodbye to with conning the hand kazimierski mime.

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