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The Castle square and the royal Lock Tenements by the Castle Square Zygmunt's column on the Castle Square.  She is the first secular monument in Poland - was funded in 1644 by the king of IV Władysław. The Hazel brown street and the tower of Marcin's Św Church Church of the Kind Mother of God (of Jesuits) 
Church on the Midsummer Eve street, right next to a metropolitan cathedral Saint Jan is held. The church was built in years 1609 - 1626 for the order of Jesuits in the style manierystyczno - baroque. Market of the old town.  Carefully he was rebuilt after damage to the II world war. Dimensions of the Market are 90 to 70 metres. Every side of the market is called the behalf of another person: Kołłątaja, of Dekert, Barssa and Zakrzewski. On tenements it is possible to find Gothic, Renaissance, baroque as well as more contemporary elements.
In the middle of the market a monument to the Warsaw's mermaid is situated.  Warsaw's mermaid of tails fish and half a woman, in the right-hand man is keeping the sword, and in left shield. a defence of the city is setting her. The barbican and the Św Church of the Ghost Barbakan-pozostałość of urban curtain walls.  Today he is performing the role of the gate to the old town. Św church of the Ghost
Jacek's Św church Freta hive Church of NMP hitting.  He was built in 1411 of year. The church repeatedly was convert-ed today constitutes the very beautiful Gothic building with the characteristic soaring belfry. In the Middle Ages the village called Camen one another (1335), in German Gross times Stein.  The name is deriving its etymology from deposits of the calcareous stone, parent rock whom he/she is fitting.
Barbican from Srony Freta hive Street Nowe Miasto Lubawskie Market of the old town
Stone Steps Warsaw's mermaid - one more time Jan's Św metropolitan cathedral - it is the oldest Gothic church in Warsaw.  The cathedral was built at the turn of the XIV and XV age. There was this place of the coronation of Polish kings. in basements of the cathedral gravestones of outstanding Poles are situated in a m. in. are sitting down here Augustas' Stanisław Poniatowski, Ignacy Paderewski, Ignacy Mościcki, Gabriel Narutowicz and Henryk Sienkiewicz. The cathedral and the Church of Jesuits One more time Royal Lock
Castle square Governor's palace Gate of the University of the Warsaw Palace Staszica-Siedziba you

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magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 16.03.2012 15:38

Ostatnio mam okazje częściej tam bywać i poznawać stolicę:)

zuch użytkownik zuch(posts:44) dodano 01.03.2008 19:09

dzięki za wieczorny spacer po stolicy

krushyna użytkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 28.02.2008 16:02

Faktycznie niektóre ruszone albo lekko nieostre, chociaż to tym zdjęciom nie ujmuje, a raczej dodaje magii tej nocnej Warszawie, bo w dzień nie jest tam az tak pieknie ;)

maca użytkownik maca(posts:287) dodano 28.02.2008 12:29

Każdy narzeka że Warszawa to, że Warszawa tamto, ale ja nie przepuszcze tutaj, żadnej galerii z tego historycznego miasta. Ogólne wrażenie pozytywne.

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