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The Valley of the Kings - it is team 63 of sepulchral, being a resting place of pharaohs of Egypt complexes forged in rock from XVIII to the XX dynasty. 
Totmes and was an initiator of the coming into existence of this necropolis and first who ordered making the tomb, and XI Ramzes was left buried as last. 
It is necessary to mark, that apart from 63 tombs, they discovered 20 so, of whom structure, was never finished. 
The majority fully was still in ancient times robbed of them. Long, underground corridors and chambers, were supposed to keep from thieves, valuable sepulchral equipment.  Unfortunately hopes turned out to be vain. Up till today they were left however enrapturing paintings portraying the travel into the spirit world and the equipment and the company, accompanying the king.
Contemporary archaeology uncovered only one not-plundered tomb - of Tutenchamon.  Wonderful pochodzacy set from this tomb, we are mozemying today to admire in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Deir el-Bahari - Temple Hatshepsut, it very well kept terrace temple, modeled architecturally on the sepulchral Mentuhotepa Nebhepetrego temple from the XI dynasty, who as first built the that kind of building in Egypt.  Temple, in the considerable part forged in rock, is consisting of three, arranged in a cascade, connected with oneself with ramps of terraces who were finished with porticos.
Ramps were decorated with falcons.  Road to the lowest terrace, led hawkmoths between obelisks and statues. The other terrace was decorated with numerous relieves, presenting scenes from the life to the queen. For years Polish conservators are overseeing reconstruction of the temple.  They began their works in 1961 under Prof. Kazimierz's management of Michałowski. The church was opened to visitors in 2002. Karnak - 3 km from Luxor - village being famous for ruins of monumental teams of temple raised and extended by almost everyone Egyptian masters for the Average period of you till Roman times.  Into composition of complex an Amona-Ra, Montu and Mut are accessing temples of gods The Amonowi-Ra is leading to the first pylon of the temple devoted to the god avenue of sphinxes with muttonheads.  The first pylon was never completed, and on the internal side up till today an earth ramp is situated from the period of the structure. Temples were being built in Karnaku too of times of the XIX dynasty, and worked above it 81 tys of people.  They were these are both priests and workers and peasants. The temple earned its living thanks to takings from numerous wealths, also off marketplaces and of craft studios, but above all thanks to huge riches whom pharaohs brought from their victorious war expeditions.
134 columns are filling the large Room up with Hypostylowa about wysokopści of 23 m.   The size and the number of columns are not only feeling, she is unusual is playing theses of moving light and shades of baulk with columns. One among many of details of the Temple.  Edfu, suiting 123 km to the north of Aswan, on the west Nilu edge, is famous for a temple best in entire Egypt kept.  Devoted to Horusowi, ensuing she for Ptolemies on the basis of the older temple from Tutmozisa times III. So he is combining elements of architecture of pharaohs and Greek.  Dimensions impressing her are making the major facility from it after Karnaku. She has 137 m of the length and 79 m of the breadth in the facade. He has also a pylon for heights 36 of the m.
Edfu has special meaning for Polish archaeology.  Here she just began it oneself presence of Polish missions in the research on the past of Egypt. In years 1937 - 1939, Polish team under the management of Prof. Kazimierz Michałowski, carried research works on in Edfu together with Frenchmen. 
Situated 45 km from Kom Ombo Aswan, it is a well kept architectural team towering over Nilem.  It is an ancient city the Pa-Sobek, „ Sobeka ” house - of divine crocodile who was being worshipped already in times predynastycznych. Here impressing remains of the built sanctuary stayed in the quite untypical style. In fact it is double temple, that come from connecting two separate buildings along one wall.  The temple was blest to be Sobekowi whom he had according to contemporary beliefs stworzycielem of world. On the left whereas the temple belonged to the Haroeris deity.
Wall, showing ancient surgical instruments and dentist's relieves are deciding about the uniqueness of the temple.  On the Kom Ombo area to watch it is also possible 3 mummies of crocodiles, protected in the almost intact dedicated Hathor chapel.

Fragment of the colonnade in the courtyard in front of the temple.
from Aswan Abu Simbel, one of the most beautiful buildings of ancient Egypt, work of the eccentric pharaoh of II Ramzes are suiting 320 km.  They devoted to the sanctuary theoretically the Amonowi-Ra, Harmakisowi and Ptahowi, but in fact it served the fame and the glory of its author. 

In the place lost amongst sands of the Nubian Desert, in solid rock temples were forged about dimensions 38 on 65 m.  The facade is making up from four gigantic statues of the pharaoh sitting on a throne, symbolizing the power of Ramzes. Once these sculptures were covered with paintings whom unfortunately entirely the passage of time destroyed. 
When in the fishing for the last century, światynie threatened with Abu Simbel became pouring waters over the Lake of Naser in the connection with building the dam in Aswan, the UNESCO took on redeeming the relic. The monument was slashed to 1036 blocks of rock about average weight 30 of ton what one should still add over 1000 slices to surrounding górotworu and it was moved to 60 metres higher. 

He is looking now very well and he is think too one from most beautiful in Egypt. In spite of the incessant own praise persons, II Ramzes built the little chapel, having the only 10 m by their monumental tomb. lengths, for one's Nefertari wife.  This place is also being named - with Temple of Hathor, the goddess of love and the beauty.
The facade is decorated 6 sculptures - 4 are introducing II Ramzes, 2 - Nefertari. 5 - you counting the statue from the left, or right side, it is exactly a Nefertari image.  Never before the wife of the pharaoh wasn't being introduced on the facade to any temple, only a life companion of II Ramzes obtained this honour. 
State of the meter.  Exactly in this itinerary I did 1450 km. ... it is just resting up till today, biggest  
from known, so-called Unfinished Obelisk. A length has 41.75 m, and his weight is being assessed at 1168 ton.  
He probably comes from times of the XVIII dynasty. He was left, because the stone started cracking, making it impossible to emphasize the obelisk, even dimensions after reducing planned. This short walk, one should finish the most with characteristic view Egypt is being identified with which.  The Sphinx of Thebes standing on guard of the team of pyramid selling in the Giza - in the background one of them... pyramid of Chefren, the, called also Chufu son around Greek - with Cheops.

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afrodyta użytkownik afrodyta(posts:4120) dodano 26.07.2011 20:47

Z przyjemnością obejrzałam miejsca, które kiedyś odwiedziłam. Zdecydowanie popieram to co mówisz "Kiedyś usłyszałem, że życie jest jak książka
- kto nie podróżuje, czyta tylko jedną stronę" ... też czytam dużo:)))
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 03.02.2010 12:14

To również dla mnie radość i przyjemność ... jeżeli galeria spełnia oczekiwania i potrafi zainteresować.
Dziękuję za wizytę, pozdrawiam.

ignasie użytkownik ignasie(posts:128) dodano 03.02.2010 08:19

bardzo ciekawa galeria, obejrzałam i przeczytałam z przyjemnością, pozdr:)

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 22.05.2008 23:59

Kiedyś usłyszałem, że życie jest jak książka - kto nie podróżuje, czyta tylko jedną stronę ... więc staram się czytać więcej ;)

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 22.05.2008 23:26

Widzę że wiele podróżujesz do tego robisz dobre zdjęcia i jeszcze lepsze galerie - wiec jaką mam ci dać ocenę ?

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 22.05.2008 23:24

Dolina królów zrobiła na mnie wielkie wrażenie ale nie miałem możliwości robienia zdjęć - zakazy zakazy ..... ale coś tam pstrykłem .

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 22.05.2008 23:18

Widzę że wiele podróżujesz do tego robisz dobre zdjęcia i jeszcze lepsze galerie - wiec jaką mam ci dać ocenę ?

zuch użytkownik zuch(posts:44) dodano 01.03.2008 14:15

Opisy podnoszą jakość tej galerii :)

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