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Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak 
admission only and exclusively in the company of the guide

Most easily to get here are aeroplane from Miri.
Small small plane, nineteen-place, is defeating at the short time, all-day route by river. 
It is necessary to have the residence permit, they are being sold in Miri. Tickets to the admission and to caves are being bought out on the spot in the Park.
Deer's cave - the name got down from here that from time immemorial here deer had come to lick the salt from walls, it is long corridor, with draughts, passing mountains to the other side natural outlet hole in the cave. in the certain place, rocks put in different distances from looking are negotiating into the profile of the, known here Lincoln Abraham from fivedollar note, this way every day million of bats fly out
in the eye of the skull For wanting - routes are also being organised into unfathomable/unprepared parts of the cave, routes 2 - 7 days, where a few kilometres are being defeated at special clothes, often in the water or even partly underwater. 
Interesting experience. Organizers provide with the entire equipment.
the return road began about 2 in the morning, at first on small dugout from the trunk, with the torch on the beak in order to avoid obstacles in water and crocodiles, then change to the bigger and more high-speed motor boat where the dawn found us, then bigger motor boat and in the end hydrofoil.

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asica użytkownik asica(posts:71) dodano 22.02.2008 20:41

Szkoda że nei ostre.....

jotwu użytkownik jotwu(posts:666) dodano 21.02.2008 22:03

Autor wpadł w typową dla fotografowania jaskiń pułapkę:
- brak ostrości (są to chyba skany z filmów),
-stosowanie lampy błyskowej to nadmierne kontrasty i wypalone światła,
-przypadkowe i niestaranne kadrowanie.

inka użytkownik inka(posts:55) dodano 21.02.2008 21:10

Pokazałeś nam pedro co jeszcze musimy zobazyć . Oglądałam kilka razy .Dzięki za tę ucztę .

zuch użytkownik zuch(posts:44) dodano 21.02.2008 21:07

Super :> najbardziej ucieszyła mnie wiadomość o 7 dniowych wyprawach po jaskini. Najdłuższa jak dotąd to 3 dniowa :)

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 21.02.2008 18:27

Wspaniałe Wspaniałe Wspaniałe.Pozdrawiam

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