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Wonderful Terracotta Army, because she is being talked about, she was supposed to offer the protection and the help in posthumous governments, for p for the Qin Shihuang emperor hidden in year 210. n. oh.  Up till today the international group dug archaeologists up 8. 099 figures. It biggest of three pavilions in whom the army was emphasized - huge hall about surface 16. 000 m 2 lets embrace with eyesight considerable fragment of this discovery. For damage to many figures also a weight of the earth collected by centuries contributed.  Many of them wasn't discovered in one piece, but in kompletej for dispersion. Piecing such a jigsaw together - it elaborate and laborious Every of figures individually was modeled.  The head, the corps (inside empty) and shoulders of every figure were made individually, and then combined with strips of clay. At first a raw model of the soldier was made.  One by one thin layer of clay whom it was possible easily to form was put. Additional parts how, the armour and the weaponry were stuck. Next the figure was burnt down in the high temperature. The army very well accomplished its task, up till today the tomb wasn't opened.  However he/she is spelled, that inside the tomb real gems were put - e.g. hundreds of thousands of pearls in the ceiling, being supposed to symbolize the night sky, his stars and planets.
As the curiosity it is possible to cite the facts, that 17. 09. 2006 r German student from Stuttgartu, made resemble sie to exhibited characters and wskoczyl to the excavation imitating soldiers:) was very similar, but juz after a few minutes was left recognised, arrested and deported homewards... ... hundreds of contemporary copies of the different size, is waiting for his/her purchasers.

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comments to the gallery (8):

irena2005n użytkownik irena2005n(posts:3033) dodano 27.08.2014 20:03

niesamowita armia....kiedyś po Polsce jeździła wystawa....kilka sztuk.....i coż ...byłam i widziałam....

alpina użytkownik alpina(posts:175) - User deleted dodano 11.11.2011 12:15

Wyjatkowe miejsce, to byly czasy, patrze i czytam ale i tak trudno sobie wyobrazić proces tworzenia tej armii, napisaleś 37 lat i 700 tys robotników (to tak jakby wszyscy mieszkańcuy Krakowa pracowali nad tym projektem). Pomalowani i w uzbrojeniu - widok musial byc olśniewający. Pozdrawiam

afrodyta użytkownik afrodyta(posts:4219) dodano 02.03.2011 20:57

Ta galeria rzuciła mnie na kolana!!!
Znakomite zdjęcia.

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 04.12.2009 07:54

Łał a to ci galeria - taka armia - szkoda że nie dotrwała z uzbrojeniem - i tak piękna. i 10 pkt oczywiście za opisy i spektakl widziany z naszego fotela

largetto użytkownik largetto(posts:5) dodano 26.07.2008 18:33

Armia z terakoty - robi wrażenie !!

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 01.03.2008 18:35

Niesamowita jest ta armia.Pozdrawiam

asica użytkownik asica(posts:71) dodano 22.02.2008 20:21

Zdecydowanie zachęciłeś do odwiedzenia tego miejsca;o)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 21.02.2008 18:16

Można by rzec - kolejna galeria z terakotowymi żółnierzam, ale trzeba przyznać opisy do zdjęć chyba jedne z lepszch i dobrze podkreślają ogrom zjawiska.

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