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Nailing the ferry port to the wharf in Hong for Congo, we are at once in the heart of the modern urban colossus, with forest of architecturally interesting high-rises, the remarkably efficient network of the underground and the commercial-economic rush. A few good times are needed in order to get used to this view, even though we have in the Pudong memory in Shanghaiu who accustomed us to architecture of this type in China.  Here however he is totally different, the largeness and the amount of these high-rises, will surprise even a Manhatanu inhabitant. 
We are going to the hotel put in very centre, short rest and we are setting off - in this place it is a waste of time of every minute.  We want to feel the waft of this behemoth, to touch and to feel his streets pulsating with life, to plunge into the rush, the hubbub and the tumult who seems to be omnipresent. The Hong Kong island is in a noon part of the city.  In 2006 she was inhabited through 1. 268. 112 inhabitants, and gęstośc amounted to populations 15. for 915 pers. / ² km. It is worthwhile marking, that what the seventh townspeople are a millionaire:) The surface of the island amounts to 80.4 ² km and he is an island the second largest on the Hong area for Congo after the Lantau island.  She is separated by the parking bay of the Victory from the dry land.
Constitutional Hong basic document for Congo - Hong Kong has the large degree of the autonomy, he is managing his economic and financial politics, he is issuing own currency, he is keeping the low and straight tax system. 
He has the own power executive, legislative and judicial and one's legal system. Hong Kong is employing it civil servants, police as well as he remains the free port with independent accurate territory. , Known also Two International Finance of Centres as 2 IFC, was left designed by Cesar Pelli and finished in 2003.  The one 415 - the one-metre long building is at the moment highest in Hong for Congo. Number of his floors (88) in the local culture is recognised too exquisitely happy. There are also 22 commercial floors here. The tower block is designed in this way to hold companies dealing with finances. He is judging himself, that the building is in the state to hold even a 15 000 people.  He is a curiosity, that some around Without a doubt he is the architecturally most interesting district of head offices on the Hong Kong island, one of best developed places on world.  It here is just concentrating almost entire Asian trade. At once an innovative deportment is blatant all over the district.
 Her most crowded wrapped areas are a long and complicated network of pavement-tunnels hung above streets.  They are joining the most important points of the district: financial centres, shopping centres, banks... but right next to this business centre, we are coming across the certificate of infusing city dwellers with spirituality. Spiritualities, whether can only religiousnesses? I don't know. In the process of our stay, by the passenger wharf on an island, preparations for the celebration of the Wesak Holiday, i.e. Holidays of enlightening Buddha lasted. Enlightening Buddha is a landmark for the Buddhism, and in the connection with this Wesak - that is celebration of the Enlightenment - it is the most important holiday in the Buddhist year.  Many disciples of Buddha also attained enlightenment, and after them many next enlightened champions came. They are also being worshipped in Wesak loud reading fragments of their biography or work written by them. In Hong for Congo a freedom of religion whom the national law assures is prevailing. A syncretic religion joining elements of the Buddhism, the Taoism and the Confucianism is most popular (c 90 % populations), remaining it is a Christianity (7 %) and minorities: Muslim, Mormon and Jewish.
In this large city a visit in the JUMBO restaurant was one of attractions of the stay.  Stop from whom restaurant ferries, are bringing ravenous and craving for impressions tourists. Still a few minutes of the voyage... ... and here is - JUMBO restaurant - swimming restaurant behemoth, with the scale and the swing very well written down into the landscape of the city. About it, that Chinese cuisine served at sources, is providing with indescribable taste and aesthetic impressions it isn't necessary to convince nobody.  One should however mark. JUMBO is biggest pływajacą with restaurant in world and perhaps at the same time to serve 3000 customers what completely doesn't influence the quality of served dishes. With owner of this temple of a delight to the palate, there is an owner of the casino and the Lisboa hotel in Macau who in this way is investing capital in Hong for Congo. It is an entry... and here the relation is ending - batons were switched on:) but let us go farther...
Mount Austin, the Peak Victory or  or quite familiar Hill of the Victory - it is highest (552 m) raising Hong Kong on an island.  We are going for the peak with hope that clouds will be definitely higher.
And came off:) it isn't so badly, quite decent visibility... oh, what behind the view.  Only this prospect is discovering the largeness and the architectural artistry of this city before us. This city who is well up in one piece for earning money, very well was in it... one can see it, are heard... and we are going a bit to the right. ... about exactly here. Of course, so betonowo - stalowo - glass jungle, he can stir up controversy and not everyone is in the state to accept living in such conditions.  But the limited surface extorted so, rather than different style of architecture and it is necessary to accept him so which is. I know... you don't like the market of extended galleries, but still a few presentations...
Into the day... And at night. We will say goodbye to Hong Kong, resting from steel and glass in the biggest oceanarium in Asia - Ocean Park.
Huge, kilkupietrowe swimming pools, countless amounts of all sea creatures, very beautiful reefs and displays of dolphins - it is a real form of escape from the city tumult and the hubbub. Unfortunately huge amount of tourists and townspeople, doesn't let forget that it is only a small piece of the large, being vibrant with a very intense life organism he is which Hong Kong.

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comments to the gallery (21):

voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 29.01.2017 20:33

Też miałem takie uczucie, że Nowy Jork, to słabiutko przy Hongkongu wygląda teraz.

afrodyta użytkownik afrodyta(posts:4219) dodano 02.03.2011 21:02

Pyszne zdjęcia. Mam nadzieję, że w przyszłym roku to zobaczę.

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 21.02.2011 00:12

Agato - dziękuję bardzo, miasto na prawdę potrafi zrobić wrażenie.

Madeleine - Tobie również dziękuję, życzę szczęśliwej podróży, wielu wspaniałych wrażeń i oczywiście wspaniałych kadrów.

Pozdrawiam ;)

madeleine użytkownik madeleine(posts:1364) dodano 10.02.2011 21:39

I znowu tu jestem ;) Raul, moim zdaniem twój Hong Kong to jedna z najlepszych galerii na portalu. Uwielbiam wielkomiejskie klimaty, dlatego często do niej wracam. Dzisiaj oglądało mi się wyjątkowo przyjemnie - dokładnie za 2 tygodnie, wejdę na Wzgórze Wiktorii, zjem obiad w Aberdeen, zobaczę orki w Oceanarium, powłóczę się po Kowloon - będzie super ;) pozdrawiam serdecznie

agata_checktravel użytkownik agata_checktravel(posts:107) dodano 10.02.2011 15:16

piękne zdjęcia, zdjęcia 2 i 4 wyglądają jak namalowane. I jakie czyste budynki, hmmm...

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 14.05.2010 19:44

Dawno tu nie byłem, dziękuję Wam za miłe komentarze ;)
Właśnie sobie uświadomiłem, że to już 4 lata minęły od tej wycieczki ... jak ten czas leci, niestety ... :))

aodai użytkownik aodai(posts:48) dodano 13.05.2010 15:42

Rewelacja ! Super foty ! Gratuluję ! pozdrawiam ;)

romana użytkownik romana(posts:5222) dodano 22.04.2010 18:37

Taką galerię ogląda się z takim zainteresowaniem, że zaskoczeniem jest ostatnia fotka. W każdym razie ja już przy kolejnej Twojej galerii po ostatnim zdjęciu myślę : "o szkoda, że to już koniec" I na pewno nie miałabym nic przeciwko 50 - ciu fotkom ;)
Pozdrawiam :)

watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 14.02.2010 17:59

Mistrzostwo !

magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 14.11.2008 21:57

Raul ! Aparat nosisz nie od parady.Pełne zawodostwo.Galeria robi wrażenie.

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2265) dodano 19.09.2008 10:00

Piękna galeria,super komertarz-dałabym dużo więcej niż 10-pozdrawiam

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2751) dodano 29.06.2008 01:39

Natomiast wolnośc podbudowana osobistym przekonaniem religijnym daje wymierne i realne sukcesy .

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2751) dodano 29.06.2008 01:34

W wolności Człowieka tkwi jego sukces i dobrobyt i tu mamy jego realia widoczne w tej galerii.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2751) dodano 29.06.2008 01:25

,, raul " wiele podrużujesz ale tez masz dobry warsztat techniczny w fotooptyce oraz swiatopogląd - gratuluje, ocena adekwatna do żeczywistości .

weronika użytkownik weronika(posts:238) - User deleted dodano 19.03.2008 16:55


knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 03.03.2008 20:27

Jeżeli galeria ma dobry opis i dobre zdjęcia,
to nawet rozbudowana do 50 zdjęć nie nudzi.

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 01.03.2008 18:40

Ten moloch jednak coś w sobie ma pięknego.Pozdrawiam

marcowadziewczyna użytkownik marcowadziewczyna(posts:1527) dodano 21.02.2008 16:20

super galeria ,super zdjęcia może i mnie sie uda zaliczyć w tym roku Chiny :) pozdrawiam

asica użytkownik asica(posts:71) dodano 20.02.2008 10:42

super relacja...aż chce się tam jechać....

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 18.02.2008 11:57

Galeria dobrze oddaje ogrom tego molocha.
Tam nie dotarliśmy, ale za to mamy kolejne marzenia - południe Chin.
I ciekawią nas nie tyle miasta co przyroda .

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 17.02.2008 21:31

Absolutnie. Odwrotnie - to w Chinach czuje się obranie kierunku na kapitalizm Hong Kongu. Jeżeli ten temat interesuje Cię szerzej, polecam artukuł doskonale odpowiadający na Twoje pytanie.

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