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It is juz c 30 hour of the voyage.  The high sea, nothing around domains widac. Zbliza oneself night. A night is going Beautiful sunset It already dawns Morning....  .... early noon, farther nothing not a widac...
what we have on the beak isn't a ship.  It is a heap zlomu and of rust was.... (prosze zwrocic attention, what widac behind ship)...  ... yes, this island to the right it is Ponza.... we are more and more close the island island prezentyje oneself lovely..... ... next view... we had the geologist aboard, it was unfortunately very hard for him okre郵ic name of rocks, who sa on the right-hand side.  Apparatus didn't grab it hold of - they fantastically shimmered, zmiania造 colour
 ... very beautiful rocks... Ponza is a horseshoe-shaped island.  We had to I op造nas, in order to wej軼 to the port.  ... behind this hill coming into port is.  Captain oneself little Suburb of the island Phew, what time more close the purpose... We are sailing into the port..
we are nailing to keji... view from the boat.  In the background small private shipyard.... ... and it is a centre of the town/island.... It is EWENWMENT.  Supermarket by the church!!! Shame sie przyznac, but there were benches in front of the church and we drank the beer there. Local also there siedziel. (beer 0.66 l - 1.50 EUR) our yacht Tunnel forged in rock.  Very narrow. They cannot oneself in it mijac cars. Light signals are directing traffic.
After wyjsciu from the tunnel view on the centre of the island... ... what time more close the centre... picturesque buildings in the centre port by the wharf in the city centre... .. the view from the cafe on the main parking bay and quays.... Visible ferry, on the reverse is pieknying he manoeuvred and he made his way to the edge.  He underwent sie of the pane discharge and then loading and after 15 min. odp造na...., these were really the world championships...
After wspanania貫j of the supper, the rest, the next day we are leaving wyspe and we are swimming farther..... ... we are passing ships, who p造na on Ponz... ... unfortunately we are walking away from the island...., and different to her p造na... the island is walking away.... ... and Poland ensign relating to Ponzy
The crew is admiring Ponz at sunset....... for seeing on Ischiii....

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mocar u篡tkownik mocar(posts:2751) dodano 19.01.2015 11:49

Zachwyci貫 mnie swoimi rejsami na jachcie, nigdy czego takiego nie prze篡貫m .

fafolot u篡tkownik fafolot(posts:13) dodano 15.01.2008 22:09


Tak, Ischia te b璠zie. Ponza wydaje mi si jest bardziej przytuln i kameralna wysp. Ischia jest bardzo duza - jest tam pot篹ny zamek, kt鏎y ...., okaza sie 瞠 nie w nim nic. Zosta kupiony przez prywatna osobe, pobiera ona op豉ty za zwiedzanie - 10 EUR - a w Zamku nic. B璠 fotki i z wyspy i z Zamku.


Jak poziomowac jak buja這 na 這dce, hi hi hi ..., wiem, wiem, sa pewnie programy, kt鏎e poziomuja, ale tak chyba jest bardziej naturalnie. Pirat闚 nie brakowa這 - sztorm 10, dwie burze, 3 statki, kt鏎e chcia造 nas staranowac. Wraze wystarczy. Piraci nastepnym razem.


filmdil u篡tkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 13.01.2008 19:50

Jeszcze tylko pirat闚 brakowa這? -;)
Coraz ciekawiej.
Troszke z poziomami mo積a by by這 popracowa.

jedrek u篡tkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 13.01.2008 18:17

Rejs na Ponze ciekawy ale ciekawsza b璠zie Ischii.Pozdrawiam

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