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Marseille - is second under wzgledem of the number mieszkanców with city and the third urbanized area in France.  There is this busy and restless inhabited city through miedzynarodowa spolecznosc, which tworza immigrants or their descendants, wywodzacy sie from Greece, Wloch, Spain, Indochin, Africa Pólnocnej and West. it is a takze najwazniejszy port of France and second, after Rotterdamie, in Europe.
City zyskalo unfortunately gloomy slawe of the settlement of numerous organizations przestepczych. However Marseille has special, unique is atmosfering who is creating this large, varied city tetniace zyciem. Wlsnie around the tad is leading out sie La Marseillaise, lively piesn spiewali ktora during march volunteers, wyslani for the Paryza defence in 1792 r. awansowala she to the rank of the national anthem (14. 07. 1795 r.) Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde - the polozona is in najwyzszym point of the city (162 m), dzieki for what mozna from it podziwiac piekna panorame of the city.  Basilica, there is a decorated with layers of colourful marble, sciennymi malowidlami and zloceniami zostala in the Byzantine style she raised in years 1853  1864. Belfries wienczy dziewieciometrowa zlocona statue of the Mother of God. The put wewnatrz has the gigantic bell 2.5 m the wysokosci and tureens of over 8 ton. From the side pólnocnej on the facade sa visible slady after bullets from times of the battle for liberating Marseille (15 - 25 sierpiens 1944 r.)
A Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is a town and an administrative district in France, in the region Azure Prowansja-Alpy-Wybrzeże, at the department Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Moustiers-Sainte-Marie
Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Into Avignon a sie is finding the Bridge Awinionski - laczacy Avignon around Villeneuve-les-Avignon.  Powstal in years 1177  1185. Primitive structures from XII in they raised of wood. Bridge about dlugosci of 900 m posiadal 22 the przesla and the repeatedly rebuilt byl. In the XVII polowie in washed runal through rzeke; from that pozostaly time only 4 przesla. However glosi legend, around his budowe rozpoczal piekny and pobozny to mlodzieniec from Sabaudii, for whom God in snie nakazal too all cene polaczyc both Rodanu edges. Cathedral Notre-Dame-des-Doms - romanska cathedral from XII in.  Surrendered byla for numerous renovations and reconstructions, e.g. baroque galleries were added in XVII in. Similarly to the different awinionskie swiatynie zostala spladrowana during the French Revolution.
Palac papal - huge Gothic building, raised in XIV in., sluzyla all at the same time as the stronghold and the seat of the papal manor house.  In spite of, around zachowalo sie here little primitive decoration, it is worthwhile zwiedzic the ones building, chocby around wzgledu on stormy stories, of whom byla swiadkiem
Museum Palais small print  raised palac in XIV and XV in. for bishops and archbishops awinionskich. At present miesci sie here imponujaca collection of the religious painting of champions wloskich from the period from XIII to XVI in. Avignon Avignon Avignon Avignon Avignon
Grasse - city lezace at the podnóza of the Alps, the only 17 km on pólnoc from Cannes, from time immemorial beside Paryza and Montpellier are one thing around najwazniejszych of places of production of perfume.  At present zyje on swiecie only a pieciu of champions at composing perfume. Wykorzystujac natural inborn outstanding talent, uzupelniony with seven years of studies, potrafia they zidentyfikowac behind one thing pociagnieciem of the nose of c 600 aromas. One type of perfume is usually determining composition 200 to 500 smells. Grasse and surroundings slyna takze from the cultivation most intensively pachnacych in France of flowers of lavender, jasminu, rózy centifolii, mimosas, pomaranczy and fiolków. Grasse Grasse It is a segment kept in the valley of the river of Guards of the aqueduct built by Romen.  Building about the total length the about 50.0 km and the total fall in 17.0 m consisted of the row of tunnels and bridges built from stone blocks without applying mortar. P built in years 26 stayed for the aqueduct. n. oh. - 16 p. n. oh. to the Agrypy order (on the bridge an inscription behaved around 19 p. n. oh. devoted Agrypie). Pont du of guards
Antibes Antibes
Antibes Antibes Antibes Antibes Antibes Antibes - lezace after opposed to the side of the Bay Aniolów the city is równiez very attractive miejscowoscia.  He has the sandy plaze, the waly XVI-wieczne defensive biegnace wzdluz of seashore, attractive przystan sailing and starówke with flowers with waskimi small streets and houses decorated.

In old Antibes czesci a sie is finding cathedral kosciól of Immaculate Poczecia around romanska facade in the colour of ochre and the high romanska belfry. Wznoszace sie in is góring Grimaldi, from whom the sie is unfolding is taking stairs to the Castle piekny sea view and is katedring. In 1846 Picasso urzadzil here studios, the pózniej in the lock they were zalozonoing museum, well-known the dzis as the Museum Picasso  and. It has wspaniala collections of images, the lithograph, pictures and ceramics and the interesujaca wystawe prezentujaca zycie of very artist. Terrace on whom exhibitions were put the rzezb is coming out directly on murrain. The museum has takze wystawe of the art wspólczesnej
Antibes Antibes Antibes Antibes Antibes Antibes

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achernar-51 użytkownik achernar-51(posts:5535) dodano 30.03.2015 19:04

Bardzo fajna galeria, która przypomniała mi zeszłoroczne wakacje, podczas których odwiedzilismy niektóre z pokazanaych przez Ciebie miejsc. Może warto tylko zaznaczyć, że Pont du Gard leży już poza tytułową Prowansją - bo w regionie Langwedocja-Roussillion - aczkolwiek stamtąd do Prowansji jest bardzo blisko. Pozdrawiam. :)

marek użytkownik marek(posts:15) dodano 20.01.2008 18:58

Jendrku ciesze sie ze moglem pomoc w sprawie brzydoty, dziekuje za wysokie noty moich raczkujacych galerii:-)) Hej!

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