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Varanasi - one of seven holy cities of the Hinduism.  Varanasi - these are a Ganges River, a holy river who is granting the rhythm the entire city and a mieszkajacych is subordinating the rhythm of the life to itself above it of people. When the first rays of sunshine are lightening roofs of the city up, from most distant of his nooks, innumerable groups of pilgrims made sing are setting off in order in these saint waters to make ritual oblucji. The largeness of the river is overwhelming.  The morning fog is wrapping the other edge for her what is heightening the impression and causes that the river is becoming boundless. We are going down with stone stairs to very edge so that sail out to waters of this holy river and approach the ritual, who for us europejczyków, is a remarkable experience in his inflectedness. We are taking seats in the boat and we are moving wdłuż of the edge. Here above the edge of the Ganges River, many elderly men, India arrived from the most distant nooks, is waiting to one's ostatnię hour.  They want to die in the place whom they regard most saint. They are beginning every day with prayers, ritual singings at monotonous sounds of the music and of course of bath in the holy river. Faith in the cleaning power of the Ganges River, is ordering thousands faithful to plunge into his waters and to make oblucji who will wash all sins and offences of earthly world, but the act of cleaning will be made.  This ritual bath is a duty of every Hindu, everyone should for her make at least once in a lifetime, and many of them is dreaming, in order to for deaths, his delays reduced to ashes, were scattered in these saint waters. Many from faithful he has only hip bands, they are entering water and denying the fashion, repeatedly they are plunging the whole body in cloudy waters of the Ganges River.  In direction suns are raising the hands full of water, in the gesture of the faith and the endless devotion. After sending these ritual activities away, are setting about for meticulous scrubbing the whole body.  We are swimming slowly wdłuż of the edge, we are passing next gathy... and we are finally reaching to Manikarnika ghat.  It is a place where entire twenty-four hours stacks are on fire. Every day in Varanasi about 200 delays burn to ashes... we can see seven stacks being on fire and a few dying down. The nauseous smell is making us aware, that here and now a ceremony about whom repeatedly we read in publications and guides is just taking place.
It is real happiness for the family who in the very way can give the body back to gods one's close.  Wood is scarce goods in India, therefore price of the needed amount to skremowania, is a barrier repeatedly not to defeating. Minimum cost of 2000 rupees, is an astronomical price in many cases even for the entire family. This only about 200 zloty, but this amount are enough for many Indians for spending many weeks. Very process of the cremation lasts from 3 till 6 hours and is not having anything to do with the notion of the funeral which is consolidated in our swiadomości.  One can't see sadness, sorrow, the crying... the family is standing in the reverie eyeing the stack being on fire. Children are running, playing and laughing. And only clouds of the black smoke, are attesting to the fact that the fire reached the body of the departed.  Not everyone are obtaining honour of such a burial.  Not a kremuje oneself of pregnant women, children to 10 - of it of year of the life, lepers and bitten by the cobra. Their wrapped up in the orange cloth, covered with flowers and rubbed with oil with saint oils bodies, is left immersed for a few hours in the water, but next taken away in the boat to the middle of the river and appropriately burdened, thrown into her current.    
The topic isn't too pleasant, but if indeed he was brought up, it is necessary to recall about another macabre ritual bound with the cremation above the edge of the Ganges River.  A moment is the climax of this ceremony, when a thud sounds more pekajacej in the fire of the skull. Hindus believe, that in it is this moment, a soul of the departed is leaving the body... for in order also at the moment to revive under the different figure. If this moment doesn't come, it is the closest descendant close to the male sex (it is usually one's elder son), a duty is supposed to complete the task and with bamboo pole to break the skull, freeing the soul from it.  This macabre duty, during the Indiry cremation Ghandi made for her son - Rajiv Gandhi. Our journey on the Ganges River is nearing the end.  Inquisitive looks and the everyday joy, a seriousness, a reverie and concentrating replaced. Image, of whom we were witnesses, he was a jarring experience and touching making $oner's$ blood run cold the strange culture. Here we just made ourselves aware in how we live in different worlds and there are our faith, a culture, customs and ceremonies as the odmiennna. We realized, that provided we will remember India for a long time... this Varanasi will stay in our memory forever.
And still only a few pictures from very Varanasi... Abject poverty many of his inhabitants... Representative of the caste untouchable... Request to gods for better tomorrow... The most saint regular of Indian roads... And panorama of everyone gathów.

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iwonka55 użytkownik iwonka55(posts:624) dodano 24.11.2014 13:38

Miejsce przerażające, relacja piękna i ciekawie opisana.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 19.12.2011 22:36

Jednak film dla mnie jest bardziej przejmujący, potęguje w nim dobrze dobrany podkład dzwiękowy.


watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 01.05.2011 21:28

Szokujacy komentarz , o rozbijaniu czaszek nic nie wiedzialem.
Doskonale foty. Pozdrawiam.

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 29.11.2010 22:59

Dla mnie świetna galeria, coraz bardziej jestem na TAK z wyjazdem. Pozdrawiam

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 31.01.2010 12:30

Dawno tu nie byłem :) Wracam, za Twoją sprawą Gosiu :) Widzę, że bardzo zaniedbałem obowiązki gospodarza.
Dziękuję wszystkim za odwiedziny i komentarze.

gosiekz11 użytkownik gosiekz11(posts:51) dodano 30.01.2010 22:52

fantastyczy komentarz :-)

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 30.01.2010 22:41

Raul pięknie opowiadasz, ale to wszystko jest dla mnie przerażające. Jestem lekko wstrząśnięta. pozdrawiam.

johnfreeman użytkownik johnfreeman(posts:13) dodano 28.01.2009 15:09

Bardzo interesujący komentarz, zdjęcia również ;powodują ,że miałem wrażenie ,że my wszyscy ludzie stoimy nad brzegiem takiej rzeki , gdzie później odbywamy dalszą podróż Bóg raczy wiedzieć dokąd. Zazdroszczę tej podróży ale i współczuję , gdyż zawsze chyba rani nas widok cierpiących ludzi .

jas użytkownik jas(posts:18) dodano 26.10.2008 22:53

Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem. Gratuluję

inka użytkownik inka(posts:55) dodano 01.10.2008 23:18

Przerażająco -piękna galeria .

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 20.06.2008 01:12

Inaczej nie można ocenic tej galeri za to co przybiżasz naczym oczom i zmysłom .Moje słowa uznania.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 19.06.2008 16:53

Moje oczy zrobiły się trochę mokre....Widziałam w Gangesie dosłownie wszystko....Wtedy płakałam.Jestem mikrobilogiem,przywiozłam "wodę" z rzeki-miliony bakterii Coli.Pozdrawiam :))

alex1953 użytkownik alex1953(posts:73) dodano 04.01.2008 13:03

piękna galeria...widzę że dużo podróżujesz...pozdr.]

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 26.12.2007 23:01

wmp57 ... zrobiłem, oj zrobiłem ... tyle, że moja 300-tka niestety uległa uszkodzeniu w czasie tej indyjskiej eskapady i to co przekazała na matrycę, nie nadaje się absolutnie do prezentacji. Spójrz sam ... powieszę galerię tych niewypałów na dwa dni, zobaczysz co z tego wyszło. Prezentuję te najlepsze :))). Pociesza mnie fakt, że został mi film :) i to w HD, więc mam co oglądać.

wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2260) dodano 26.12.2007 19:25

Szkoda że płynąc Gangesem nie zrobiłeś zbliżeń obiektywem tele tych rzeczy o których pisałeś w komentarzu.
A może tylko ich nie pokazałeś.
Widziałem to na własne oczy tak jak to napisałeś.
Znów wielkie brawa za komentarz.

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