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On Mauritius numerous models of sailing ships are produced The sugar cane is a main plant product.  Outside the sugar waste who after burning constitute the source of the electric energy is being recruited It is possible to tour the sugar factory In the period since July by December the sugar-beet harvest lasts and cane is being provided the more further alteration Roads on Mauritius are of better quality but surroundings changeable appearance Different of Great Dane in the part of the centre island
A bus service is good and cheap.  Tickets are being printed on the spot. In part srodkowj of the wyspu on the cone the wulkanucznym is row of towns in whom the air temperature is about 4 lower than on the coast C.  Here they are finding numerous sie residences. Deer were imported to the island by Dutchmen from Madagascar similarly to the sugar cane and many different things In the botanic garden in Pamplemousses let us consume of the May sometimes huge piuropusze The tea is an export product. here one can see packing.
Factory of the tea It is possible to choose sie by catamaran to the all-day trip connected with diving with the façade and the pipe.  In the cost of the trip maintaining in it is drinks and hot meals and diving equipment There is an one among many of national parks in the part of the central island - Park of the Black River.  It is worthwhile going for the longer walk In surroundings Flick the Falck en is garden with the numerous fowl.  It is worthwhile touring and having lunch in the restaurant Waterfall in the Park of the Black River The Earth Siedmiokolorowa - fromacja powulkaniczna
View of Mauritius from the sea South-western coast Tea plantation by the colonial residence Park with crocodiles and different zwierzetami - one of tourist attractions Recruiting is salting of the salt water
Botanic garden Birds sitting in the crown of the coconut palm The sugar cane is intentionally tan in order to oszczędzic of the work at her wycince Pebbly beach in the south-west part of the island Beach into north-western parts of the part of the island in Trobisz surroundings
Centre of Postages Louis in surroundings of the market Of fragment of the sugar cane Ganesza - Sziwy son (with the head of the elephant) - very God powerful Swiątynia with the Ganesza statue A shopping is a part of tourist attractions - amongst the shopping are finding sie of the bag (20 Polish zloty art) and bags from palm leaves but also textiles around bawłny Sziwy statue in Basin Grandee - the second largest on world
Temple in Basin Grandee - lake there polożone of jasts saint because wirzy oneself is in contact with a Ganges River Saint lake in Basin Grandee The shop and the production of bags Wewnbątrz of the Hindu temple Gate to the ancient residence of the planter of the sugar cane Tamil temple.  Preparations for walking on wood heated up last. After the hearth he is passing a few thousand persons in the day of this holiday.
Walking on the fire The Indian wedding lasts for 4 days.  Everyone are being invited willing. He is serving dishes (7) vegetarian on the leaf bananowsca whom one should eat with the right-hand man. Fishing is one of tourist attractions.  It is worthwhile hiring the cutter for half a day and sailing out early in the morning. Caught fish belongs to the owner of the cutter Wojtek Maruszewski lives on Mauritius.  Wojtek Diving runs the own company with the seat in Baie Grandee. With horse racing a Mauritian majority lives.  Chases are most often on Saturdays. The racecourse in Port Louis was put on because to join Englishmen to Frenchmen Gigantic Żułwie it is possible to see in a few places - in botanic gardens.  In the park from krokodulami it is possible even to sit down on them.

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zibi11111 użytkownik zibi11111(posts:100) dodano 09.11.2011 22:24

Ciekawa galeria o różnorodnej tematyce,osobiście mi się podoba.

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 25.03.2010 16:24

Ciekawa i zdecydowanie niedoceniona galeria.

beatriche83 użytkownik beatriche83(posts:26) dodano 25.03.2010 15:39

Dziekuje za galerie, bardzo ciekawie się ja czyta:D Dla mnie Super, a szczególnie zdjęcie wodospadu na 6+

michol użytkownik michol(posts:114) - User deleted dodano 31.08.2008 12:48

uważam ,ze ta galeria jest bardzo niedoceniona mnie sie podoba

lala użytkownik lala(posts:172) dodano 08.01.2008 11:58

OOO widzę że komentarz już się pojawił:) chyba mój komentarz był przedwczesny....

lala użytkownik lala(posts:172) dodano 08.01.2008 11:30

Dla mnie ta galeria jest po prostu nudna. Jest za dużo zdjęć a w dodatku kompletny brak opisu. Kilka słów na temat każdego zdjęcia na 100% poprawiłoby odbiór.

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 08.01.2008 11:28

witam wsrod Obiezyswiatow!
MAuritius... ah, myslalam ze juz nigdy sie nie ukaze na naszym portalu!
A jednak. Spotkalo mnie male rozczarowanie jesli chodzi o strone techniczna galerii.
Brakuje komentarza, choc mysle ze to jeszcze sie da nadrobic!
Bradzo wiele ciekawych zdjec!


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