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Aqueduct - granite Segowi door plate.  Debts high 800 m on 30 m with the one large buildings built probably in of great sallows. p. n. oh. The aqueduct is making up from 166 bows propped by 120 pillars. View on it a little bit newer than the aqueduct part of the city. View on walking tourists on the Rd Juan Bravo Plaza de san Martin with the monument Juan Bravo What too puppet clown???
The inside of one of few synagogues today serves in Spain as the church. Gothic cathedral - effect of the work through IIw.  It is of remaining the Gothic building was made in Spain Inside of the Cathedral Plaza Mayor and the main building. Through the one everyone must pass the gate wanting to see Alkazar from close up and to take a walk all over the small park before the one claim. View from the park on the church Vera Cruz built in XIIIw.
Fairy-tale lock with soaring towers, some claim that it is this building served the lock as the prototype in Dysneylandzie - however the mime is turning over more close for Neuschwanstein lock in Bawari to this theory. View from chambers of the stronghold on its shadow. Alkazar is not only from the outside impressing... Inside only a princess locked up is only missing on the tower. Alkazar Around a little bit closer.
Panorama of the Old Town. Church Milan san Gate of urban walls san Andreas. View from urban walls. I liked his turrets;] Alkazar illumination
and another taking the familiar chair off this time in the night weather. Walk towards the evening? for what not. Department with souvenirs and different A look at the chair and Adios will remain

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comments to the gallery (5):

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 21.03.2009 08:55

Galeria jako zaproszenie do odwiedzin tego miejsca. Pozdr

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 25.05.2008 02:16

Wszystkie zdjecia są piękne i ciekawe ale te o zmroku rewelacja , gdy by bła pełna gal.. bła by - dycha.

kikulisko użytkownik kikulisko(posts:76) dodano 19.04.2008 12:34

Piękna galeria, dobrze oddaje urok tego cudownego miasta.

marioli użytkownik marioli(posts:1031) dodano 18.12.2007 20:11

Podobają mi się zdjęcia 22 i 25

gpiotrek1 użytkownik gpiotrek1(posts:53) dodano 15.12.2007 21:18

Piękna architektura, ładne fotki. Pozdrawiam

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