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On the Orthodox graveyard it is possible to see the monument devoted to soldiers killed in action in years 1941 - 44 and......... ......... ugly Orthodox church......... strange photographs colouristically on account of early time of the day. Graves on a Catholic cemetery....... ......... majority left, neglected........... ......... but here and there exceptions are happening........ ...... the necropolis did the huge impression on me.......
....... before the war the city was still almost entire Polish........ ......... now only graves stayed........ the II death of the Republic. In the centre a gigantic, kitschy Orthodox church was put.  Zero aesthetics, went to the amount not a quality. The access to offices is being made it difficult maximally, there is even no pavement! Square by the Soviet street. This monument is so golden, like words of wisdom of this elderly gentleman.
Church of Piarists in the classical style from the XVIII turning point and the 19th century, of whom budowe partly a tsar financed Paweł and After the January uprising temples were changed to the Orthodox church, between wars they returned to Piarists, and after the II world war they were located here one by one Jednokondygnacyjna belfry. Work is boiling! Companion Kopernik with one's propaganda theory of spinning of the Earth around the Sun. Parish church dedicated making the Cross higher from the second-half of the XVIII age.  Inside on one of pillars a sie is finding tablet with 1933 commemorating the year 250 anniversaries of the Vienna victory.
When I reached the middle, just mass lasted, of course in Polish. A Lithuanian prince built the castle Giedymin in year 1323 on the defensive line formed by locks Nowogródek-Krewo-Miedniki-Troki. The lock the most suffered damage in 1710, when Swedish armies of XII Karol burnt it during the III north war. While coming into existence in 1794 on the lock it reached for pulverizing Tadeusz Kościuszko among armies and with tsarist armies. At present the castle is being reconstructed, a m was rebuilt. in. one around two primitive baszni. On the lock tourneys of different kind often take place.
Boys are travelling around Lidzie, examining her with a bit of a different prospect. Generally I would compare Belarus to Poland, only that of the one from before 10 - 12 years.

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