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Building of the Station Polish State Railways. 
In 1939 r. to stations train in Low arrived 1000 - personal convoy of Jews from Vienna and Prague, to whom SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Adolf Eichmann gave In the centre in the Square of the freedom a monument is standing with the inscription: near the square, by the hospital, a monument to Lvov Eaglets commemorating pupils killed in action is standing. Św sanctuary. was built by Józef of the carer of families in 1896 r.  In the time and wars world a roof of the church who was rebuilt after the war burnt down. The first św image. of Józef burnt down during the fire of the church.  Worshipped today r painted by Karol Rutkowski in 1937 stayed.
and św ceremonially devoted by the Father. of Jan of II Paweł, 10 June 1997 r., during the V Pilgrimage to Poland. Access to the church.
At the Sandomierz street a character of the Jesus funded in 1907 is in r. by owners of goods niżańskich Count of Resseguier Olivier de Miremont and Maria from Kinskych Counts. 
The character was destroyed in 1914 r. through the host. in 1919 r. was renovated by Francki. On areas of the ancient village Sopot is standing uplifted in 1907 and funded by the same people character of the Holy Family what the one on taking higher.  They built Resseguierowie of theses the big lumber mill, the mill and the brewery. On Boys (of one of districts Low) a chapel is standing from 1910 whom they prayed in faithful.  In years 80 - 90 was also built church by the chapel. Over 100 - summer school on Boys teaching to today. San bridge across a river
San is a right-bank inflow of the Vistula.  Length - 443.4 km. On the segment of the c 55 km he is creating the border between Poland and Ukraine (a few hundred metres from sources, all the way to the large bend around Łysani Smolnika wheel on the River San). Surface of the drainage area - 16 861  km (14 390  km in Poland, 2 471  km in the Ukraine). The valley of the River San on the segment from Przemyśl to Sandomierz constitutes the communications corridor, with whom domestic way 862 and the railway line are directing Przemyśl-Rozwadów The name of the river probably has etymology pra-indoeuropejską, in meaning As it in Poland the river isn't too clean, but it is possible to catch fish.  As for the bath making up one's mind isn't sending it, przynajmiej in surroundings Low. Currents are strong and cases of the drowning are happening. 
Here commemorating the cross drowning of the three of children in 1977 r. Here jasiński pond, in the distant past sailed this way across San (today the pond is distant from the River San of the about 3 km) Tree by the sheep's pond.

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comments to the gallery (4):

jotwu użytkownik jotwu(posts:666) dodano 18.10.2007 22:31

Widać, że w przygotowanie tej galerii włożyłeś dużo serca. Mimo uchybień kompozycyjnych 7.

maca użytkownik maca(posts:287) dodano 18.10.2007 13:49

Zgadzam się knfredem mniejsze miejscowości często mają niesamowity klimat, czego zazwyczaj nie można napisać o większych miastach.

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 18.10.2007 13:38

ostatnie urokliwe....

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 18.10.2007 13:34

Bardzo lubię oglądać galerie z małych,mało znanych miejscowości.
Dzięki temu poznaje się lepiej Polskę,
i często jest się zaskoczonym jak pieknie jest w miejscach o których istnieniu nie wiedziałem.

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