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Temples Grey are surrounded beautiful like to India with gardens, special goals are blocking accessing animals to the land of the garden so that it is possible to hold the lawn Sunset above Bhubaneswar stall with books - opened till the late night of fasts food in the Indian workmanship - straight from the street fish market, at shoulder stands are selling what it didn't go around mane to the trader.  A fragrance of lightly unfolding fish is floating in the air - entire hot day lay after all on the sun. Despite everything encouraged customers with minimum prices are. I looked through the door of one of homesteads - and here brothers by a kerosene lamp are doing lessons.
here stall by the street, where with steam iron shirts were being ironed. the competitor in a photo had the excellent skill, 4 nimble moves and the shirt were stiff supposedly normal in India view, but not entirely, after all this cow just began the childbirth - before the moment the waters ran, and after for mału an action is beginning.  It took so long and we didn't wait until the end. The view was heartbreaking, loud, tętniącem with life city, and somewhere by the kerb some essence is giving itself rise... alone one's a few snapshots from the railway station platform. behind grating range 3 classes - already without the air-conditioning, but still with seats and windows, it is still 4 class - it is simply a freight car with so plaftormami to the lie/seat in a Turkish manner window seat with special good, on the train a terrible stuffiness is ruling
trains are overcrowded, but happy passengers.  A fact moved me - visible well also on this photograph - that to count all attractions to which Hindus can - as even if travels, are booked for men. crowded platform and it is a hotel restaurant:) it is in India very much 'hoteli' like in a photo - of course no europejczyk will stay in them, but for a lokalsów is an only option in order to stay the night a long way from the house - and distances are here considerable, and very slow communication.  Nothing here costs accommodation and eating practically Next temple Grey probably I disturbed you in modliwie in the garden of the temple, for himself an elderly gentleman is meditating
there was a container at one of temples with water - I don't know until the end, what he served, for lokalsi in any case took a bath.  Water to pure didn't belong, but two hardest of our team (how you think who?) didn't refuse herself this very pleasant cooler weather - arousing terror remaining. Perhaps by the way we ranked some ritual baptism as well as we caught some 'Philippine infekcję' who not yet emerged. parents are collecting kids from the school girls are still waiting this competitor on our eyes burnt such an amount of the hashish that I didn't know whether it isn't last removing him in the life by hand smoothed stones - temples are being built from these bricks when a lot I already wrote times, describing photographs from Indi, women lightly here don't have
Stefan in the closed, exceptional cluster of cows and bulls:) tough guy - of course did it only for in order to snap fotke.

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jurasek użytkownik jurasek(posts:360) dodano 06.02.2011 10:33

Uwielbiam Indie !
Zdjęcie 15 rozumiem, że to indyjski Mc Donalds , 17 - podziwiam "gibkość" tej pani. W naszej europejskiej kulturze tylko nieliczne kobiety w takim wieku wykonają taką pozycję, 21 - ładną urodę mają te dziewczynki.
Witoldson - dziękuję za tę dawkę Indii.

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 09.07.2009 21:32

Galeria, do której będę wracać.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 19.09.2008 13:45

15 i 17 fotka.... chyba nie trzeba komentować- aż żal patrzeć. Pozdrawiam

kustonnka użytkownik kustonnka(posts:404) dodano 15.10.2007 23:20

Galeria bardzo nierówna, zdjęcia nocne ... no comment. No i brak jakiejś myśli przewodniej. A wiec stawiam ... no nie trzeba tego już wypisywać, glosowania jest jawne.

maca użytkownik maca(posts:287) dodano 15.10.2007 12:31

Komentarz lepszy niż zdjęcia, szczególnie te nocne-widać że robione z ręki.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1407) dodano 14.10.2007 18:39

Bardzo ciekawa i różnorodna galeria . Moi faworyci to zdjęcia 6, 15 i 17.

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