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at once she fell for me into the eye kids with the interest are expecting of the group of fair-haired persons generally here they are also applying to uniforms:) teacher - at least is alone - doesn't have a problem with the discipline at school collection for greeting - on the left girls, to the right boys, everyone placed according to the height, in the middle the best pupils and the teacher namłodsza the class of the job has on the earth
we brought ballpoint pens and colour felt-tip pens for children, one were pleased rubbing their hands with satisfaction, different were afraid of guests then disciplinarily everyone stood by the wall in the row, and of course everyone got something it is already the upper form and Dr. Roman started teaching amongst cheering crowds

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jurasek użytkownik jurasek(posts:360) dodano 06.02.2011 10:37

Niezwykle sympatyczna galeria . Ładne te dzieci z urody jak i z ubioru. Witoldson - dziękuję.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 20.07.2008 19:01

Piękne i biedne dzieciaczki....

stefan użytkownik stefan(posts:44) dodano 13.10.2007 21:53

Piękna galeria:)
A Pan Dr Roman to naprawdę jest pan dr;)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 13.10.2007 20:56

zmienił sie ten Roman i doktorat zrobił -;)

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