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village the woman is a second-class man here unfortunately - for worst work, e.g. chasing the cow off... pair of lovers, for them nothing is making a difference we are entering the village - with main road, and what:) on bicycles they are carrying the cement needed for the structure of better houses for themselves crossing to the other side of the river for lokalsów
everyone is cultivating it plot of the rice, see the back of this man - simply ploughed better than the plot, had 40 years perhaps dangerous disorder of the sheet of water.. they inconspicuously are passing over the surface, these are crocodile, and rather than that it of what he didn't put away underwater, a naprawde is very discreet beasts many families live for themselves on these boats and he lives from fishings for fish, when by them we sailed reminded me taking up from English on studios - in so-called frames lekturki everyone was supposed to work some text out in a foreign language, since I studied economics, he has most often been it is a text about the economy, I sometimes broke ranks working articles out around national the geographic, and the time I just worked such a very beautiful article out about mokenach living for oneself on similar boats and living in the herd, their life was very beautiful, then I didn't suppose that at one time zobacze similarly organised community the crocodile is warming itself up, he isn't threatening us because we on the boat monsoon, beautiful, warm rain - rescuing to heat which are ruling in these surroundings, a diametric change of weather in 30 seconds it is a monitor lizard, it is also possible to get scared
the local team of the mould and the dance did the show for us - it was quite nicely, only troche long they tired the market, generally here from time immemorial a tiger was an enemy of the man, actually the tiger took somebody close away from every family, both when something is an Opponent for a lot of years, in the local culture he is starting being God, and it was devoted to the tiger majority of the song and dances of this evening ooooo exactly, it is it, on the maximum optical zoom, then digital, unfortunately around very distant, sorry by quality, but it only is washing the breath the woman is catching embryos of shrimp, a few photographs earlier there was a crocodile snapshot, and on previous - tiger, it the very same thing the river, only a few kilometres farther, and can even not... kind of somebody still had doubts what fate here women have very pretty girls - strong beauty, uncontaminated with civilization, my favourite (second from right) she had only 11 years unfortunately, but for her parents would be delighted with the marriage proposal:) poor dziewcze at dawn....
... as far as they want to help such a sad girl... people are working on rice fields in the water irrespective of the weather, general on account of bulks of the stagnant water here mass of mosquitoes whom they are biting all the time, is flying threatening with malaria effectively is discouraging the majority of tourists - of not us:) rice fields in such houses for themselves they live, beside own plot and nothing they more don't need
boys are taking shelter from the rain to the village courtyard of a little bit of more abounding homestead... lazily more it isn't possible... chicks to the popularity - but only seemingly, and this age all there are already married women, and a betrayal of the husband is a death (at least theoretically forbidden), or naprawde great indignity in eyes of the community, what's interesting, the man can betray his fill - does a question, so whom it is doing with arise? how it turns out, nature and with it advised herself:) VIPowska service for our group, we are going down the boat, basic means of communication because here he has no roads, 2 Hindus are keeping the railing:) road to the village
repairer of umbrellas under an umbrella - into such heat even he isn't withstanding in the sun kids are looking with it finding fair-haired persons interesting to the group morning in front of the camp - at night for themselves this way a tigerrrr, an ajj went

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comments to the gallery (5):

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 07.05.2009 15:24

"Ustrzelić" wolno żyjącego tygrysa - to naprawdę wielki sukces - gratuluję.

kustonnka użytkownik kustonnka(posts:404) dodano 17.10.2007 15:33

Dobra galeria ! Indie pokazane inaczej. Wyrózniam zdjecia 13, 18 i 31. Co do zdjecia nr 7, narzuca sie cytat z dorobku Ireny Kwiatkowskiej : "Na swój wyglad trzeba sobie zapracowac !"

archipio użytkownik archipio(posts:892) dodano 17.10.2007 15:14

Nie wiem, czy to zauważyliście - w Indiach jest szczególna magia, która wszystkim każe fotografować ludzi.
Jest w nich rzeczywiście jakiś magnetyzm.
Tomkir napisał: "podróżowanie po tym pięknym kraju to czysta przyjemność",
ale krajobrazów Indii nie fotografował (fotografował też ludzi).
Znalazłem kilka, rzeczywiście ładnych krajobrazów, u Witoldsona.
A tak, to jeżeli nie ludzi, fotografuje się wspaniałą architekturę.
No chyba, że ktoś zapędzi się pod Himalaje (górom trudno się oprzeć).

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 28.08.2007 15:46

Znakomita galeria.5
Opis uzupełnia zdjęcia i odwrotnie.
Zsjęcie z tygrysem mimo Twojej obawy jeest extra.
A ja tam twierdzę że nasze dziewczyny są najpiękniejsze

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 27.08.2007 23:07

Rewelacja! Tygrys boski, świetne zdjęcia i opis na 5.
Tylko dlaczego te Hinduski takie ładne, a Hindusi beznadziejni? Nie ma sprawiedliwości na tym świecie ;-)

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