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On the left rock is finding the Limekiln continuation in the Comb; to the right - in Homoli Prokwitowska.  In former days they were searching here for gold, of what mining panes are evidence. The comb is going through farther in 70 - one-metre long Low Rock, hiding nests of owls. Soon we are passing the fork of the stream stoneware clay who is sailing in places on rock. However low Rock isn't the highest precipice in the ravine; neighbouring High Rock is measuring 120 m. Limestones have the red colour in this place. They will walk slight avalanches here sometimes. Farther we are entering the ravine converted into forest and we come across rubble of rocks who at one time slid down his walls.  It is possible here to watch diverse forms of roots of spruces. Wooden railing are only recently facilitating the walk, and the trail is leading with simpler route. The debris is bordering on numerous cascades and forks of the stoneware clay. The ravine is slowly widening and he is finishing Dubantowska off with Valley, where quite a lot of places prepared for the rest for tourists are. The ravine is forking to Koniowiec and the Valley. From the glade it is easy to notice the culminating back in High. His walls are built mainly from calcareous rocks originating from the period of the Jurassic and chalk with the additive of slates and marles.  He has the sculpture very much added variety and interesting geological construction. Vertical elevating movements acted the greatest role in the uprising of the ravine. With bottom of this very much known ravine, think too one from most beautiful in Poland, liquid stream stoneware clay who also played the great role in carving the channel of the ravine. The stream forms numerous cascades, and huge rocks are in his channel. He is swimming for them crystal-clear water. In the top of the ravine rubble ensuing osuwiskowe in the period of the Pleistocene. On calcareous rocks of the Homole ravine rare species of plants grow the wapieniolubnych and numerous specimens of photophilic junipers. Such a mini pretended the macro for me sie to grab hold of:) Protected Homoli flora. Homole ravine - ravine on the land of the southern Poland in the Pieniny Mountains, and more precisely in the Small Pieniny Mountains, in the Jaworki town wheel of Szczawnica.  The name derives from the Russki word the homoła, the gomoła whom means cylindrical, hornless (reference to the shape of the valley). A c 800 m has the length.
Calcareous rocks. Being in the centre of the ravine everything around you seems gigantic and monumental... Gravel covering itself, isn't safe at all. Waterfall of the stream stoneware clay. Cascade. In the ravine.
Here he is ending or as you like is beginning 'Homole Ravine.' :) I felt the sie like hmm... [certainly not in Polsce=] Stream stoneware clay crossing several times with a tourist trail, is an attraction and cooling down for tourists. Wonderful view on rising rocks. Beautiful weather to the expedition.
Homoli flora. Homoli flora. Carline thistle Bezłodygowy - I just managed easily to recognize it:) Vertical rocks here and there attracted ...  eyes. And such a man the butterfly very much got to like us, because very much he wanted to be photographed:) Homoli Fauna; p
Protected Homoli flora. The tourist footpath is crossing the stream repeatedly.  Before it was being crossed jumping after big stones at his bottom what required a little bit of agility, at present for the comfort of tourists wooden small bridges were made. The entry to the ravine is situated right next to the road leading through Jaworki, right away behind the car park and it is marked with big board. Notice-boards before the entry to the ravine aesthetically made and in a tourist season point of taking little payments for touring Notice-boards =] P butterfly and 2. :) Butterfly for time 3.
And up to the last time, nothing I won't advise to the fact that very much he got to like us:)

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comments to the gallery (5):

marok użytkownik marok(posts:130) dodano 02.11.2008 19:42

fajna galeria.. zagladnij do mojej calkiem niedaleko a tez fajne miejsce (malo znane)

alex1953 użytkownik alex1953(posts:73) dodano 18.01.2008 07:20

podoba mi się ta galeria...motylek bardzo ładny...pozdr.]

camel17 użytkownik camel17(posts:98) dodano 27.08.2007 12:14

Wąwóz jest bardzo ładny. Chciałbym się przejść nim podczas jesieni albo w zimie.
4, Pozdrawiam.

herika użytkownik herika(posts:1713) dodano 23.08.2007 23:07

motylek prawda, ładny, ale niestety nieostry. jedynie na ostatnim zdjęciu dobrze się prezentuje. zdjęcia tablic moim zdaniem niepotrzebne, szczególnie o apollo. czyżbyś była miłośniczką motyli?;)

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 23.08.2007 20:16

I wykrakałem zabrałaś nas do wąwozu.
i zrobiłaś galerie lepszą od ostatniej.5
A ten motylek jest naprawdę ładny

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