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Sandomierz is one thing from oldest and most beautiful (at least for me) of cities of Poland.  Basics of the settlement on this area and in his region, reach times of the neolith (5200 p. n. oh. - 1700 p. n. oh.). It is situated on loess hills.  Here over 120 monuments of architecture behaved from different ages. A medieval urban planning arrangement of the city and one of the oldest brick objects are being ranked among the first-class on the area of Poland - św church. of Jakub. To the Old Town laid on hills, it is possible to get climbing by Collegium Gostomianum curiously with designed, being covered in greenery pavement, traversing hillside in direction of the Cathedral Rd. Such an approach can put associating with hills on Montmartre in Paris. After getting the hill we are reaching the House of Długosz, funded in 1476 of year by the historian of Jan Długosz, the Sandomierz canon for priests mansjonarzy, of assistant curates of the nearby cathedral. 

It is one of the best kept Gothic house property, today holding inside rich harvests of the Diocesan Museum. 

Gate opened slightly and encouragingly they are inviting the wygladający garden to enter, so without delay longer we are crossing the gate. 
The garden is hiding a lot of surprises in itself...
... hung on trees... ... and decorating the wonderfully held lawn. In this oasis of peace it could not of course św to be missing. of Franciszek talking to birds. The time is passing lazily and carefree, and we calm we are moving narrow small streets in direction of the wonderful gothic cathedral from XIV in. 
The Cathedral basilica was built in the place pierwotniej of the Romanesque collegiate church, destroyed with invasions of Tartars in the XIII century and of Lithuanians in 1349 of year. The new collegiate church was funded by Great Kazimierz in 1360 of year. He has the inside equipment from XV - the XVII age (murals bizantyjsko - Russki, rococo altars, images and sculptures) and is covered with beautiful cross-rib vaults. 
Deep, blue colours are granting the original appearance the whole. At the church among others wonderful organs are paying attention...
... and very beautiful sculptures. We are finishing visiting the cathedral in order to move in direction of the Sandomierz market. 
On the way we are still passing with baroque belfry from XVIII in. from whom according to the medieval custom for commemorating killeds under Warną, every evening about godz. 21 nine times sound the striking of a bell.
After going the surface of the market up he is the most visible building built in XIV in.  Town hall. 
In XVI in. he stayed adorned with the attic, and at the beginning of XVII in. from the west a tower was built on. 
He is think, and probably aptly, behind one of the most beautiful Renaissance town halls in Poland. 
A market isn't only a town hall, he isn't sorting interesting structures here... ... and pominków, and even to meet it is possible of Scotsmen! Where from Scotsmen in Sandomierz they weren't able to explain me.  Moze is such a little revenge for the Polish emigration into their side: -)
Bourgeois tenements around the Market of the old town raised from XV in. kept a lot of valuable architectural, attesting to the rich historical past of these buildings details in their walls. Surrounding the market with clenched, low buildings are granting exceptional character him. The tenement called No. 10 is a Tenement Oleśnica.  In this tenement in 1570 representatives Polish luteran, of Calvinists and Czech brothers contain However these men didn't turn up to the purpose of using this itinerary: -) Similarly as the one Four gates were in a medieval system of Sandomierz stipulations to the city. 
Only from kept to today, it built in XIV - XVI in. Gate Opatowska who in the XVI century was increased and they crowned with the Renaissance attic.
Originally individual storeys of the tower toed interface with ladders and piers by an embrasures.  In 1928 during her renovation metal stairs were made. The slip road closed by the gate was iron grating, lowered after the track who behaved to today, on the north wall of the gate. 
From the inside of the gate it is possible to climb for her peak... ... in order from height 30 of metres to admire the interesting view on the city and surroundings.  From the south a panorama of the old town is stretching out, one can see the Vistula who in this place is swimming in the shape of the letter However from the west one can see the urban park, the św church. of Michał together with the team of the former monastery of Benedictine nuns holding a Higher seminary and the św church. of Józef with the team of the former monastery of Members of the Order of the Reformati raised in XVII in. After efforts of touring time for the short rest.  
On the Market on the backs of a historic tenement called No. 27 The good coffee and cool drinks quickly are coming back willingness to more further touring. 
Still only small beer, if only of tradition happened satisfactionary, since in XVI in. the tenement was a property of the Lazarczyka Hungarian of the brewer, and we are moving into the more distant itinerary. The town hall repeatedly surrendered to fires, the m. in. in 1623 and 1757. It is brick building with covering the roof with the high attic.  The plastered tower is covered with the tin roof and crowned with the eagle from times of the Duchy of the Warsaw. 
A Historical Department of the District Museum is located at a ground floor of the town hall, upstairs the Room of marriage ceremonies and rooms of the Council of the City, whereas in basements club
He isn't sorting also a sundial on walls of the town hall. Sandomierz is a simply perfect place for artists and dreamers. Therefore it here was just anchored sky.  
I checked - it was on the spot.: -) Historic tenements... ... towers being covered in greenery of churches... ... the dream open airs are creating art for artists and young neophytes.
Slowly, along charming tenements, we are going in direction of the castle going down the hill on whom the Sandomierz Market perched. On the way we are passing remains of the monastery of Dominican friars, by the non-existent św church. for Magdalena's Maria, dated on XVII/ XIX in. At present it is seat of the local government. 
Still glance at the Cathedral Basilica... ... and after a bit we are reaching the castle.  
The castle was built on the place of the primitive stronghold existing on the hill as least from X in. 
In the XIV age Great Kazimierz used this greenfield site of the brick castle who in this period was probably left connected with urban walls.
Lock, later repeatedly he was rebuilt, and at present he is a seat of the District Museum.
They didn't survive to today unfortunately historic interiors.  
In the centre of the castle it is possible to watch museum exhibitions, and on from the side of the stronghold slight exhibition of an instruments of torture.
Among them, among others, inconspicuous-looking stilt of the martyrdom. Not planning experiments with torturing we are setting off on a journey, descending from the next hill... ... on whom in picturesque surroundings, amongst green, castle buildings unfolded. Passing the św church. of Jakub we know that we are on the right track -  ... and precisely to the Ravine of Jadwiga's Queen, situated in południowo - of west part of the city.  
The beginning of the ravine is in the vicinity
of św church. of Paweł, on the Hill with Święto-pawelski, by the Old town Rd.
This original communications trail, although an only 500 m has lengths, he is an most interesting and nicest loess narrow passageway on the area of the city.
Walls of the ravine were carved as a result of aqueous erosion in soft loess material.  At his take-off they achieved the alt. over 10 m but it is supposedly nothing, compared with systems of ravines whom it is possible to examine during the trip from Sandomierz to Opatowa. Most beautiful from them to the south of the village a Wysiadłów, Radoszki and the Dacharzów are. The take-off of the ravine is by the Rd for Jadwiga's Queen. 
Coming back to the car for the last time we are spogladamying to the lock and the panorama of Sandomierz.

Nice here and certainly it is worthwhile still at one time returning...

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comments to the gallery (11):

michal użytkownik michal(posts:252) dodano 18.12.2008 16:39

jeśli nie miałaś okazji wejść do kościoła św. jakuba to musisz wrócić do sandomierza koniecznie!

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 04.02.2008 14:15

pedro1912: Zdjęcia ustawia się w wybranym szyku przesuwając je strzałeczkami w górę lub w dół w czasie edycji.
Chyba jeszcze łatwiej ponumerować je sobie przed załadowaniem i później ładować zaczynając od ostatniego.
Pozdrawiam :-)

pedro1912 użytkownik pedro1912(posts:469) dodano 23.01.2008 15:29

Wspaniale zdjecia.
jak to sie robi ze zdjecia ustawione sa w kolejnosci, co pozwala na laczenie kometarza/opisu, narracji ?

marek użytkownik marek(posts:15) dodano 20.01.2008 18:28

Pesteczko, Żałowałem, że na Sandomierz zabrakło nam czasu podczas ostatniego wypadu w Polskę( długi weekend okazał się za krótki). Dobrze, że znalazłem Twoją galerię, dziękujemy za piękne zdjęcia. Hej!

niki1971 użytkownik niki1971(posts:7) - User deleted dodano 04.11.2007 22:21

Wspaniałe zdjęcia i piękne miasto :)

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 23.08.2007 11:12

Ja także jestem najbardziej zadowolona ze zdjęcia 33 :-))
Pięknie dziękuję za wszystkie komentarze.

camel17 użytkownik camel17(posts:98) dodano 22.08.2007 23:35

znakomita galeria na 5.
Pokazałaś miejsca tego pięknego miasta, które ja pominąłem.
Zdjęcie 33 najwspanialsze.
5, Pozdrawiam

herika użytkownik herika(posts:1713) dodano 22.08.2007 20:22

świetna galeria:) szczególnie zdjęcia 26 i 27. zdjęcie 33 genialne:)
dodatkowy plus za komentarz
pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 22.08.2007 10:18

Wspaniała przechadzka po Sandomierzu.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 21.08.2007 17:44

Nie szkodzi, że ubiegnięta ale galeria nic nie ujmując "camelowej17" przeurocza.

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 21.08.2007 13:49

Ubiegnięta o kilka godzin przez camela17 zdecydowałam się aktywowac przygotowaną już galerię, bo Sandomierz mnie urzekł i sądzę, że każdy może tam znaleźć coś dla siebie, coś innego :-)

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