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stall with coconuts above the edge, fit seller with a few moves of the machete is doing the dish of such a coconut with the delicious juice, but not a dzis, the dzis of the move lack, of boozing watching it into the distance... by bicycles on plaze we are going to a fishing village, one can see her already on the horizon very intense waves, but kapiel she is very pleasant, the ocean is hurling us how he wants, but in koncu still is reproaching ashore fishermen early in the morning wyplywaja to field, here juz on one's return, time on sjieste - there is ok 15 - 16 hour probably the girl didn't get to like me
children don't have toys here, they are playing e.g. with tyres - kulając is eating with stick wives for themselves are also doing fishermen sjieste between shelters view on the ocean cleaning the network after fishings, must be ready for the next day jump boats czekaja already to the dawn in order then again to sail out to depths...
... some only require some minor repairs children are afraid of waves, by intense wave they won't have the chance of the return above roofs main stilts for hanging the network and boys are playing in siatkóweczkę
beautifully truth? Dr. Roman purchased the entire jar of cookies - all children came running, and almost did themselves harm hard work for the youngest years High Street of the village whether actually it is possible to want something more, than of such a bungalow with such a view?

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filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 17.08.2007 21:31

Reportaż super . Bardzo ciekawe twarze dzieci.

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 17.08.2007 21:25

wspaniała relacja z tego co widziałeś
i z tego jak się tam żyje.5

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