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Monument by the Mill Stalowa Wola (HSW S. and.) 

How the village was still Buoy it is in 1937 r. in frames of the plan of a Central industrial district they started building r from 1938. South workshops.

The mill specializes in the production and the export of machines of builders, machines to road and earth works.
At one time here also an equipment was produced for the army. Monument to Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski by the street of Staszic.  

A contemporary deputy prime minister and a minister of treasure, a builder of Gdynia, Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski were a main initiator of the COP plan and an author of the program.

In 1948 r. South workshops renamed on Steel Mill of Goitre. In the high noon the conglomerate employed c 35 tys. of workers (together with non-resident branches).
in 1991 r. converting the mill into the joint-stock company followed. Entrance gate to HSW S. and. 

Today he is employing a few tys. of workers. 
How it is in Poland a sie history the reverence of departments and buildings was sold to private companies, money is missing, a few years ago the Mill lost a tender to the structure of the Wheeled armoured personnel carrier for the army. Building of a Municipal community centre in whom the cinema is located Heather.  They are being organised in in this building also different exhibitions. There are a few theses stołow billiard.

The name of the city derives from words of the contemporary minister of matters of servicemen, Gen. Tadeusz Kasprzycki, who about the plan of the building site COP-u said, that Square before a Municipal community centre.  It is main square in Stalowa Wola. On it concerts as well as different corner celebrations take place.

Building of the Metalworker.  
Characteristic building around teczą.
Miesci sie in it of a lot of companies and the institution.
For the entire week it is possible to buy on the marketplace of a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.  It is on Saturday here much selling, of also ludo board and pieceses with clothes and different. There are always many persons, they are arriving from different towns so that occasionally buy some thing and do the shopping for the entire week, it is necessary to be also careful in order not to fall down victim of the pickpocket.

In the background after the right side of the tree the highest building in Stalowa Wola (probably has 16 pieter) I didn't know about this cross, cycling by chance I saw him.  Interesting vision of the author.

The crucified Christ is finding sie on the tree by the graveyard... ... ktorego the wejscie is showing it zdjecie. Rozwadów - Market. 
in 1973 r. The Rozwadów was incorporated into Stalowa Wola. 
On the market miesci oneself bus stop.

He is also in Rozwadowie well-known in of the one cześci of Poland disco  Parish church of the Szkaplerznej Mother of God in Rozwadowie. 
He came into existence in 1907. In it present form it is neo-Gothic church. An image of the Mother of God for Rozwadowska originating in times of Lubomirskich patronage is in a high altar.
The tower of the church has 51 m of the height.
Regional museum in Stalowa Wola (Rozwadów). 
It is ancient Lubomirskich lock.
The castle was built in years 1782 r. - 1786. Fountain by the square głownym in Stalowa Wola. Historic wooden church from 1802 r. pw. św. Floriana.  In the year 1943 was moved from the village States and again rebuilt in Stalowa Wola. is Built from three kinds of wood: of the larch, the pine the stanowskiej and pines common. Wooden belfry by the church. Monument to the Christ of the King by the church mentioned above. 

Inscription beneath the monument:
Modern big church, raised to the rank of the Smaller Basilica, pw.  Of Mother of God of the Queen of Poland. Devoting to the temple took place on 2 December 1973 r. A contemporary cardinal made holy orders Karol Wojtyła. on 31 August 1998 the Holy Father rebuilt this temple to the dignity and meaning of the basilica.
Monument to Jan of II Paweł by the basilica mentioned above 
From the side of the monument a board is seen:

Cinema ballad by the street of Staszic.

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comments to the gallery (5):

kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 23.08.2008 19:09

Stalowa Wola to w mojej opinii jedno z bardziej przygnębiających miast w Polsce, ale mimo to w galerii udało się pokazać nieco lepsze aspekty miasta.pozdrawiam:)

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 30.07.2008 11:02

Nazwa Pławo pochodzi od spławiania drzew była to wioska flisacka. Mogłeś zrobić (o ile istnieje ) wieżę spadochronową na Ozecie.

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 30.07.2008 10:53

Jak wybudowano Stalową Wolę to wieś Pławo jeszcze istniała. Wieś została wyburzona w latach 60 XX w. Za nowym kościołem na jej miejscu jest osiedle.

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 16.07.2007 10:02

Dobre zdjęcia i bardzo dobry komentarz :-)
Dziękuję bardzo za tą ciekawą wirtualną wycieczkę.
Poczekam z oceną na słoneczne fotki, żeby dać lepszą ocenę.
Na razie wychodzi mi między 3, a 4, a chciałbym dać uczciwe bdb czyli wg. tutejszej skali 4.
Pozdrawiam :-)

esperanca58 użytkownik esperanca58(posts:41) dodano 16.07.2007 07:51

Jak na tak mlode miasto ,mimo wszystko jest co ogladac.

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