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Kiev.  C 3 m.. of inhabitants.
19Th-century cathedral council Saint
Of prince of Włodzimierz. Inside of the council.
Reconstruction - actually imitation - of Golden Gate. 
Mongols destroyed the original in 1240 r. Książe Wise Jarosław (1019 - 1054).  In 1018 r. Kiev
for a short while a Bold Bolesław filled.
The monument dates with 1997 from r. Famous Square of the Independence. 
Modern, modernised with enormous costs
centre of Kiev. This way a centre longed in 1959 for r. 
I took a photo during the student trip.
There is an elegant gallery under the part of the Square of the Independence 
View on the Dnieper in 1959 r. ... and 2003 r. Orthodox church of Michał of the Archangel.

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