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We are on a marketplace of Old Miasta.Z right we can see the town hall and behind him tower of the św church. Benedicta. A stone town hall is a blend of styles - Gothic, Renaissance and neo-baroque.  The first town hall was made in this place in 1310 of year, in XIVw. r whereas converted into 1901. increased by the eastern wing. In the XVII century the main entrance was embellished with the Renaissance portal above whom the coat of arms of the city is put.
One of small streets with the building development typical of this city. it is worthwhile recalling that the part of buildings was pretended to rescue thanks to works conducted by Polish restaurateurs. Structural beams are often decorated with carving and painting. And it is a distinctive feature for historic Quedlinburga architecture - heads of beams finished with tzw with diamond cut. The Muhlengraben channel and the small street Word.
Sometimes it is possible to meet and so, quite new and accents of colour. Ständerbau - it is a building from the first half of the XIV century.  He belongs to the Museum of Wattle-and-daub Buildings. In the courtyard museum. In transit to the castle hill. Building development of the castle hill.  First from left it is tzw Klopstockhaus, from the surname of the poet of the German who here was born.
Zachodnia... frontage ...oraz eastern hills. At the foot of the castle. View on the św collegiate church, Serwacego.  It is one of more important buildings of sextons in Germany from the Romanesque period.
Ornament of the door of the collegiate church. In the garden at the rear of the collegiate church. From the hill rozciaga being interested panorama of the city. Quedlinburga roofs... After the demise we are going the hill around... ...do ść with untypical pavement amongst rocks.
Another view on the lock and the collegiate church. We are heading toward other hill, put in the vicinity. Münzenberg- once here a Benedictine monastery was.  Today a few paveed small streets and little picturesque houses.
From the terrace of the café on the hill Münzenberg it is possible to admire the lock and the collegiate church fully. We are following small streets of Old Miasta... farther Original exhibition of the hotel. In streets one can't see cats so much what in Greece or Turkey.  Probably the ones German some more self-disciplined; -). By it spotkalem so at the exhibition.
By the św church. of Błażej. Next interesting decoration on the corner table kamiennicy. And it is a fountain at Marktstrasse. Next monument - Hagensches Freihaus.Renesansowy in 1564, at present holds the erected manor house oneself here hotel. Houses from the XVI century on the back of the św church. Benedicta. Św church. of Mikołaj - view from the Marketplace of the new town.
Hotel under the Golden Sun was left built in 1671. We are finishing the walk in this unusual city by the fountain on the Market of the new town.

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magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 02.11.2011 21:35

Piękne miasto :)

irena2010 użytkownik irena2010(posts:18) dodano 30.05.2010 22:30

Ta galeria - to dla mnie powrót do wspomnień z dzieciństwa.... a drugi raz - jakoś nie po drodze. Dziękuję:)

dalenia użytkownik dalenia(posts:23) dodano 14.04.2010 13:19

Mnie także się podoba, szczególnie 21 :)

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 09.04.2010 19:42

Pięknie w tym Quedlinburgu! Pozdrawiam :)

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 09.04.2010 17:56

Bardzo malownicze miejsce i na dodatek ciekawie pokazane. Pozdrawiam

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2715) dodano 09.04.2010 16:58

Piękna krajoznawcza galeria i urocze zdjęcia . Pozdrawiam

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