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Most often picked route in order to reach above the Siravę is leading Dukielska through the pass.  After going the border across such pictures welcome us. It is a souvenir one each of the more dramatic and mysterious II stories free world - battles for the pass dukielską with which fought Soviet and Czechoslovakian armies in 1944 with Germans. Going we are passing extensive commemorative complex: numerous monuments, specimens of the battle equipment (aeroplanes, tanks) put up by the route Periwinkle - Świdnik and the graveyard - mausoleum in Świdnik. Sírava Zemplínska - Container Sírava Zemplínska or Wschodniosłowackie sea how often named Vihorlatu in Slovakia put near the Michalovce city under tops is like  .. .  A body of water about the area of 33 km 2 has depths max. 6.5 underground. The average temperature is reaching waters in the summer 20 ° C. On mountain ranges surrounding the lake numerous wrecks of castles are seen Brekov lock - came into existence at the end the XIII age, on the spot of older settlement dating back to the Large Moravia.  During uprisings against Habsburgom Rákóczy'ego repeatedly destroyed by armies and the Thököly'ego were. He stopped being a stronghold stopped being at the end XVII of age, in addition up till today from it only parts of walls and some vaults behaved. From the castle hill it is possible to admire the wonderful panorama at Humenne and the valley of the Laborec river Brekov lock
Brekov lock A comfortable footpath is leading into wrecks from the Brekov town and the walk from the church is taking about 15 minutes The lock turned out to be occupied through the grazing herd of rams and goats.
Humenne palace of the Andrássy family.   
It about 35 you. small town in whom apart from the palace, it is worthwhile seeing the interesting open-air ethnographic museum presenting the wooden architecture of the region wschodnio-karpackiego with the wooden św Church. of Michał of the Archangel from 1764 Jasenov lock from the XIII century.
Sírava Zemplínska There is a plenty of camping sites on the west edge, of campsites as well as hotel base To the north of the lake a sie is stretching the Wihorlatskich Vrchov streak Morske eye - natural jeziorootoczone with beech forests about the area the niwspełna of 14 ha and the głebokości 25.1 of metres came into existence as a result of the large slip of a slab of stone Here fish is eating from the hand
The majority of tourists on the Sea Eye is finishing its route.  However there is still one lakelet for the walk from it. Little but unusually charming. Short Sea bow watch Farther toward Sninski a kamena is leading the trail converted into forest For the peak of this rock, actually two rocks they are leading steep steps
At the top the nature created flat terraces, from whom the excellent view on entire Vihorlat is stretching out Vihrolatu panorama.  Down Sea Eye Flat rocks are an excellent place for sunbaths however from it photographs aren't suitable for a publication on this portal
At such sunsets great he is tasting the Slovak beer.

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mirak użytkownik mirak(posts:270) dodano 03.04.2010 23:11

Marek dzięki za Twoje uwagi. Sprawdziłem to obcięcie, które sugerowałeś, ale mnie nie przekonało pozostanę więc przy obecnym ujęciu. Co do pogody to wyjątkowo się udała i na żadne kataklizmy nie mogłem liczyć - nici więc z dramaturgii. Zresztą co to byłaby za zachęta wakacyjna. Zła pogoda nie jest dobrą reklamą, jedyny sztafaż(to musiałem sprawdzić w słowniku) wlókł się daleko za mną bo upał był niemiłosierny. Nawet te kozy pochowały się w kazamatach zamku.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 03.04.2010 13:08

Ale tam uroczo!
Nie byłam,ale miejsce sliczne.

watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 03.04.2010 10:38

Nie bylem ale z tego co widze to chyba bede.

marek50 użytkownik marek50(posts:771) dodano 03.04.2010 06:59

hmmm- swietnie skrocony jest tytul galerii, gdy sie ja przeglada...obiecujaco :) Zdjecie 4 , jesli obetniecie nieco lewej, no i robione przy niskim sloncu, albo jeszcze lepiej burzliwej pogodzie, a w dodatku z jakims malym sztafazem byloby boskie!

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 02.04.2010 22:44

Najbardziej charakterystyczne jest to zdjęcie pomnika z czołgami tuz przy drodze, będąc w Dukli przez trzy lata wielokrotnie tam bywałem .

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